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BPCAB Personal Injury Lawyer 258-150 Chippewa Rd Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6A2 (587) 200-9898 After you have sustained an injury as the result of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the legal experts at BPCAB Personal Injury Lawyer. Our personal injury lawyers have represented the interests of clients in Sherwood Park and surrounding communities for over fifty years.


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Is Assistance OfPersonal Injury Lawyer in EdmontonNecessary In Certain Cases Accidents are not daily events. So you won’t always be ready to face the consequences of the crash. But the events can turn your world upside down and you will be utterly confused as to what will be your next course of action. The physical and mental trauma can be considerable. You should never take the risk of trying to sort out the claims and settlements all alone. You must seek professional help to acquire the deserved compensation. Here are some conditions where you will need help from an injury lawyer for the best results. Medical malpractices Often you may be the victim of medical malpractices. The doctor might commit a mistake in the diagnosis of the disease leading to a completely wrong treatment procedure. As a result your health may deteriorate instead of stabilizing. You will need then guidance of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton who knows that you are not in a physical state to sue the medical authority. The advocate will start collecting all the necessary information and reports which will help to prove in court that you have been suffering only because of the wrong treatment of the health care provider. Avoiding quick settlement In case of a car accident you can be the victim of the negligence of another driver. Sometimes the insurance company of the responsible person might try to contact you and settle the claim quickly so that the company can stop the courtroom procedure instead of some insignificant amount. But you must hire the Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton who knows that quick settlement of such claim is never beneficial for you. Alternatively if you start a lawsuit you can claim the right amount as compensation. The negligence of the opponent can ruin your life and the lawyer will prove with pieces of evidence in the courtroom for getting the judgment in your favor. Insufficient investigation It may be impossible for you to go back to the accident site and gather some evidence yourself after the accident. Your physical condition won’t permit you to undergo the exhaustion. But Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton possesses specialized training and they know which factors to look for at the site. Gathering the right pieces of evidence will increase the chance of winning the lawsuit. Sometimes the police also fail to notice specific facts which never evade the eyes of the law professionals. Victim of permanent disability The accident can be so severe that you might face some permanent physical disability like the loss of eyesight or limb amputation. No insurance settlement can be enough to compensate for your loss. But the insurance companies try to settle the matter by paying the expenditures for all the current treatment procedures. Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton knows that in such cases the temporary spending is insignificant with respect to the lifetime expenditure that is coming your way. The complete loss of wages mental trauma physical damage and all other related factors add up to the total financial compensation.

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Know How The Injury lawyer in Edmonton Can Use The Proximate Cause Concept Car accidents are common incidents nowadays. But you will never be able to understand the problems that one has to face until you become the victim yourself. Then only you will understand the importance of hiring the Injury lawyer in Edmonton for dealing with the lawsuit. If the accident is minor and the physical injuries are also less then a quick out-of-the-court settlement might do. But if you have sustained considerable injuries and the fault was not yours you have every right to claim for compensation against the negligent person or authority. Concept of proximate cause The personal injury cases become complicated when it comes to proving the fault of a person. When you claim that the other car’s driver is responsible for the crash you need to show the same. The responsibility of the Injury lawyer in Edmonton is proving that the negligent behavior of the driver has been the proximate cause of the accident. Legally proximate cause is a particular action that leads to the incident. If a vehicle suddenly swerved in front of your car from another lane then the proximate cause will be the inability of the driver to control the swerving to the wrong lane. Even if the cause of fact is a failure of the brakes then also the proximate cause will be the same. Detection of proximate cause It is challenging for many experienced Injury lawyer in Edmonton to detect the exact proximate cause of specific accidents especially when there has been a chain of actions. A pedestrian might have stepped up even when the signal turned red for the pedestrians. The other car tried to save the pedestrian. In effect the driver had to swerve the vehicle to a different lane all of a sudden. You did not get any time to pull the brakes and so the collision happened. Unfortunately you are the one to suffer from grave injuries. Logically the entire chain of incidents has been the cause of the accident. Managing the chain events In case a chain of events led to the accident then it will not be a good idea to claim the entire compensation from the other driver. Instead your Injury lawyer in Edmonton will ask you to claim the compensation from the ignorant pedestrian who has been the actual cause of damage to both the vehicles. The other car owner can also start a lawsuit against the pedestrian. It will be easier to prove the case and gather pieces of evidence like video footage. Proximate cause can change cases Accidents happen in a moment but you will be surprised to see how the lawyers can show different dimensions of the same event. The concept of proximate cause is tricky and the defendant’s lawyer can completely reverse the scenario and make you the proximate cause of the happening. So a professional advocate is necessary who will present the case in such a manner that there will be no scope of the defendant to evade being the proximate cause. The experience and legal expertise of your lawyer will help you in such cases.

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Challenges That A Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton Can Face While Representing Workplace Injury Case Workplace injuries are quite common matters. The extent and gravity of the injuries depend on the type of work you are doing. If you are involved in construction work and you fall from a considerable height it may result in permanent physical disability or even can be the cause of death. With the rise in the number of workplace injury cases you can now hire specialized Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton who has much experience in representing similar lawsuits. The specialization is necessary as there are many challenges to face when your advocate starts the workplace injury case. Misconception about affording lawyers A common misconception prevailing among workers is that hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton is always expensive. But in a practical scenario it is not so. You can hire an attorney on a contingency basis. To put in simple words you have to pay the lawyer a decided part of the compensation amount only if the lawyer wins the case and you get the money. There is no question of payment unless you gain the compensation. Thus if you ever sustain any injury at the workplace and you know it is due to the negligence of the authority you can sue the company. Witnesses are important A very crucial factor that plays a vital role in workplace injury cases is the statement of the witnesses. Unfortunately if you dont have any witnesses to testify the Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton will have a tough time to prove the entire incident. The courtroom does not listen to the story without any proof. In such cases the lawyer has to present the case in a different format emphasizing the nature of the injury and its cause avoiding the incident description and witness questioning part. If you sustain an injury and you know it was un witnessed immediately rush to the manager or person-in- charge and report the injury so that later the management can’t deny the entire incident. Denial on mismatch The Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton has to be extra cautious about your statements. The way you describe the incident will give a picture of the accident. From that picture the attorney will have to match whether the event can cause the injuries which you have sustained. If there is any mismatch the lawyer will again discuss the event with you so that at the courtroom the defending attorney wont be able to find out any inconsistency between the medical reports and the accident. Otherwise the court will immediately deny the entire claim. Good communication is necessary When you are discussing your case with the lawyer you have to be very specific and elaborate. You should be specific about the facts and elaborate on the description of the accident. The communication between you the management authority the doctors and the lawyer should be unambiguous so that none can claim miscommunication to nullify some statements. You should not also delay in starting the medical treatment as otherwise the doctors wont be able to note all the injuries. Get the legal as well as medical help fast to avoid many challenges.

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Using the Concept Of Negligence By The Injury lawyer in Edmonton If you have started the procedure of lawsuit after a car accident then you have unquestionably come across the term negligence several times. The Injury lawyer in Edmonton who is representing your case can elaborately explain to you the significance of this term in the lawsuit. As a matter of fact this term is the most critical parameter that will be a decisive factor for the final judgment. So the crucial aspect of the injury claim lawsuit is proving the negligence of the person against whom you have brought the legal charge. Concept of negligence When your Injury lawyer in Edmonton is accusing a person of being negligent it means that the person has shown some careless behavior resulting in the accident and consequently your damages. In legal terms if the other person has been doing something that he or she must not do while driving like speaking over the cell phone or speeding when the red light is on it will be a form of negligence. Now it is the responsibility of the advocate to prove that the same negligent behavior is the cause of the accident. The advocate will be collecting all necessary pieces of evidence and witnesses to testify for you. Elements to look for If you are the plaintiff then the Injury lawyer in Edmonton has to show in the courtroom that the defendant was negligent. There are several elements that the attorney has to keep in mind while portraying the case. The first point that the lawyer can bring up is that the opponent was not reasonably careful. There would be no necessity of suddenly pulling the brakes to save the pedestrian if the person was driving within a reasonable speed limit. It is the duty of any driver o be careful on the road always. Failing to do so will be an example of utter negligence. Violation of duty of care In the courtroom the jury and the judge use the most logical approach to decide for a case. Hence the Injury lawyer in Edmonton has to build the case representation in a particular manner. The violation of the duty of care by the other driver should be evident. The law will decide based on one question. Will a prudent and reasonable person do the same action as that of the defendant If the answer is no then the opponent will be guilty of negligence on the road. All accidents are not for claims Suffering from injuries at an accident does not always imply that you are going to get the compensation. You may also have been negligent just like the other driver. The lawyer has to prove that the extent of negligence was more in the case of the other driver. Also your level of injuries should be graver. Only then you will get some compensation if the court believes that the negligence of the other driver was more after comparing all the facts and evidence. You need to show all your monetary losses for claiming compensation.

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