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BPCAB Personal Injury Lawyer 258-150 Chippewa Rd Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6A2 (587) 200-9898 After you have sustained an injury as the result of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the legal experts at BPCAB Personal Injury Lawyer. Our personal injury lawyers have represented the interests of clients in Sherwood Park and surrounding communities for over fifty years.


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Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton Explains How to Increase the Compensations The main purpose for anyone to file a personal injury lawsuit is to get compensation for the damages. Thus definitely everyone is eyeing for the maximum claim one can get. A highly- qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton will share secrets of increasing the compensation for injury claims in this article.  Hold on to the Evidences:  The first main tip to get maximum compensation for your personal injuries is to collect and preserve the right evidences. Yes it all usually depends a lot on the types of evidences one has to show against the defendant to prove his or her fault for the accident so don’t neglect collecting the right evidences and preserve them too.  Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton: Hiring a specialized injury lawyer can be your shortcut to get the best possible claims for your injuries. Yes only those experienced in this field and have a vast experience of dealing similar cases know the tactics of dealing with insurance adjusters to extract maximum settlement amount.  Accurate Claim Calculations: A very important step to get the maximum compensation for your damages post a personal injury accident is to calculate the damages accurately. Try to figure out all your damages from all the perspectives be it physical financial or emotional damages.  Keep an Account on Future Damages and Expenses: Similarly we got to know from a well-qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton that one should also estimate for the future damages or expenses one will face due to the personal injury accident. Take for instance loss of earning capacity medical expenses for future treatments and traveling expenses for the same.  Be Realistic: Likewise we suggest you to be realistic when calculating and demanding claims for your personal injuries. Don’t expect a very big hefty amount as your compensation because you will hardly get it from the cunning insurance adjusters. So stick to the point and only demand what you deserve for your damages.  Be Ready to Explain Your Demand: According to a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton if you reject the first few offers made by the adjuster for your damages be ready to explain for your denial of the inadequate claim amount. You need to keep all your damage proofs ready to show why you deserve more.  Stay Away from Social Media: On the other hand we strongly advise you to stay away from social media activities to stay away from the inspection of insurance adjusters who are dealing with your case. They can easily deny your claim stating you are fit and fine and have no injuries as claimed on account of your social media activities.  Patience Plays the Key: Being too eager to get the compensation may spoil the broth. Yes patience tends to play the key role when one tries to extract maximum compensation for personal injuries. As per many expert injury lawyers those who wait patiently and don’t just jump on the very first offer tends to get higher compensation.

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Timeline in Injury Cases Explained by An Injury Lawyer in Edmonton Those looking for damage compensation for their personal injury case must always pay attention to the timelines required Yes no matter how many evidences you may have to support your case if you fail to stick to the timelines you may not get what you deserve for your damages after a personal injury accident such is the importance of following timelines in such cases. So what are these timelines and when and how to follow them Worry not simply read on to learn about everything about the Timeline or Deadline in Injury Cases from an experienced Injury Lawyer in Edmonton. Timely Reporting: The first thing required to be done on time after a personal injury accident is to report the case to the local police or other investigation authorities. We understand the pain suffered after an accident that resulted due to the fault of someone else but one needs to overcome it and gear courage to go ahead and do what one can do legally on time. The best way to start it is by timely informing the investigation authorities of your state. Timely Investigations or Discovery Procedure: Likewise when you inform the police on time about the accident there is full scope for timely investigation. According to a professional Injury Lawyer in Edmonton once the local police is informed on time about the accident the next step that starts is the discovery procedure wherein all the loop holes of the accident are discovered and examined. This is the stage when all the relevant evidences can be caught and preserved to win the claims on time. Consult an Injury Lawyer in Edmonton at the Earliest: Third important step that needs to be done on time without wasting much time after a personal injury accident is consulting a qualified personal injury attorney. Here we suggest you to hire a specialized lawyer for your type of case for thorough investigation proof collection emotional support and all the legal formalities. Mind you if the lawyer is good enough you can always expect fulfilling all the timelines for your case. On-Time Mediation and Negotiation: Up next in our series of timeline required to be adhered in a personal injury case we suggest on-time mediation and negotiation. As per an experienced Injury Lawyer in Edmonton once the discovery phase ends its time to make space for right settlements for the client. A good lawyer first always try for out of court settlements with the help of a mediator to avoid wasting time and money of both the involved parties. File the Lawsuit within the Valid Statute of Limitation: The most important timeline to stick in a personal injury lawsuit is the statute of limitation period. Different states may vary on these timelines. General statute of limitation for many personal injury accidents in a number of states across the globe is 2 to 3 years from the date of accident. One needs to file the lawsuit within this valid statute of limitation period to maintain the validity of the case.

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Tips to Claim for Damages in a Wrongful Death Case explained by Injury Lawyer in Edmonton A wrongful death as the name suggests is the death of someone in a wrongful and sudden way. Considered as one of the worst types of personal injury accidents wrongful death leaves the plaintiff dead and the family of the plaintiff with emotional and financial pain forever. Only thing one could do is fetch damage compensation for the wrongful death of the loved one. Read on to get acquainted with some useful tips from a well-qualified Injury Lawyer in Edmonton to get the right claims for damages in a wrongful death case. Main Causes of Wrongful Deaths: Before discussing anything else about claiming for wrongful death cases we think it important to discuss the main causes of such accidental deaths. According to a well-qualified Injury Lawyer in Edmonton these death cases usually take place due to the following causes:  auto mobile accidents  defective product  medical malpractice  workplace accidents  battery and assault  intentional torts Eligibility to File a Lawsuit: Now coming to the most important thing to know about a wrongful death case who can file a wrongful death lawsuit Well the answer we received from an experienced Injury Lawyer in Edmonton in this respect is that only the close family members of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit like the surviving spouse children parents and sibling. Basically anyone family member who gets impacted due to the loss of the plaintiff’s life in such an accident case has a right to sue the defendant for the various damages incurred. Proving the Liability: According to a professional Injury Lawyer in Edmonton the question of liability for wrongful death cases can be thrown on many people depending on the actual cause of the death. For instance if it is a wrongful death that took place due to a doctor’s negligence then that faulty doctor can be held liable and if the death took place due to a dangerous or defected product then the manufacturer designer or the distributor of that product may be held liable for the damages. Accurate Damage Calculation: Another important thing to understand in a wrongful death claiming procedure is to calculate the accurate damages suffered by the deceased and his or her family. With the help of a specialized attorney you can easily calculate these damages that usually include claims for medical expenses burial or funeral expenses transportation for medical treatment expenses pain and suffering suffered by the deceased post-accident lost wages and loss of family income loss of inheritance loss of guardianship and loss of marital bliss. Importance of Hiring Lawyer: No matter what be the reason for the wrongful death of your loved one we suggest you to consult a qualified wrongful death Injury Lawyer in Edmonton at the earliest to seek legal justice in the form of financial claims and punitive damage claims from the defendant. So never hesitate in seeking help from a specialized wrongful death attorney in your area and do so before the statute of limitation period ends to file the case in your particular state.

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Personal Injury Lawyer In Edmonton Explains Factors That Affect Your Claim Amount Whether you agree or not but the aim is to get claims for damages after a personal injury accident. Saying that all eligible plaintiffs have a right to claim for damages is one thing and actually receiving the rightful claims is another thing. Many times the plaintiff gets a very low settlement amount so what are the factors that may actually affect the claim amount Read on to learn from Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton about different factors that affect your claim amount. Serious or Permanent Injuries: The first thing that ensures you will get a higher claim amount is when you receive serious or permanent injuries after a personal injury accident. The more seriously you are injured in an accident due to someone else’s fault the more compensation you can expect to receive on account of higher pain suffering and expenses. Expensive Medical Treatments: Likewise when a plaintiff suffers injuries for which expensive and very difficult medical treatments are required then also the claim amount tends to go higher. For instance if a plaintiff goes into comma or gets paralyzed or gets a brain injury then the settlement amount tends to get a higher multiplier. Long Recovery Period: As per Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton just like the above two factors if the plaintiff recovers after a very long period or his or her life changes forever post- accident then too the settlement multiplier goes higher. This is because the plaintiff then has solid medical evidences to show his or her pain and suffering for a long period of time. Level of Emotional Stress: On the other hand the more a plaintiff suffers emotionally after a personal injury accident the more claim amount he or she can expect from the insurance companies. If the emotional stress reaches to a level that he or she is unable to concentrate in anything and is unable to live a normal life then the claims automatically go higher. Defendant’s Unsympathetic Insurance Company: At the same time a lot about your claim amount depends on the sympathetic or unsympathetic behavior of the defendant’s insurance company. If the company is hard to convince for your damages you can’t expect a good settlement amount. Impatience on Your Part: On the other hand a little impatience on your part as a plaintiff may also affect the claiming amount. Once you hire a qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton make sure to go as per his or her instructions and wait when negotiating with the adjuster. Remember your accepting the first offer impatiently means getting the least possible for your damages Lack of Evidences: Likewise when a plaintiff is not able to gather sufficient evidences to support his or her personal injury case there are always chances of denial or a reduced claim amount. This is because to prove the defendant’s negligence for the accident the court needs solid evidence and without them nothing can be done fairly. Statute of Limitation: Last of all those who ignore the statute of limitation when filing a personal injury lawsuit many times get direct rejection of their case. According to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton this deadline is important to follow when filing a personal injury case and failing to do so may make your case null and void.

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