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Visual Presenter is a smart classroom equipment that helps a teacher to demonstrate and teach lessons.


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Visual Presenter:

Visual Presenter Smart Teaching Device

What is a Visual Presenter? :

What is a Visual Presenter? It is a kind of document camera. It captures three dimensional and two dimensional objects. It has internal storage capacity. It does not require a computer for operation. It is an input unit. It transmits images and videos to any output unit like monitor, projector, etc. Instructor can take pictures as well as videos. Instructor can annotate (and also record the annotation.

Utility of Visual Presenter in Classroom:

Utility of Visual Presenter in Classroo m Discuss a “Diagram in the Book” and “annotate” . Display “Work Sheets” to discuss. Explain “Geographical Maps” accurately. Refer any “Page Number” with an ease. Correct “Copies of Students” on screen. Explain “Molecular Bonds” of Chemicals. Explain “Experiments” ensuring100% Clarity to students. Discuss “Structures and Shapes” of Math, Physics & Chemistry. Instruct “Art & Craft Patterns” on screen. Describe and annotate “Microscopic Objects”. Describe and annotate “3D Objects like leaf, ant, flower, etc.” .

Utility Explained – In Pictures:

Utility Explained – In Pictures

Features of Visual Presenter:

Features of Visual Presenter 5 Mega Pixel Sensor Image Freeze Image Storage Colorful Black & White Positive/Negative Zoom in & Zoom Out Video Recording Mic Audio & Video LED Lighting

Types of Visual Presenter:

Types of Visual Presenter Gooseneck Visual Presenter Desktop Visual Presenter Portable Visual Presenter

Power to you Visual Presenter –Smart Device Friendly :

Power to you Visual Presenter –Smart Device Friendly

Transform Ordinary Classrooms into Digital Studios.:

Transform Ordinary Classrooms into Digital Studios. Interesting Images , Annotations & Videos HDMI Input & HDMI Output Collaborate with Students – Interact & Engage High Resolution Output Internal Image Storage On-board Recording Effective Teaching & Learning



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