Why UX is not UI? Know the differences


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What is UX and UI design? UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Know the difference between these two terms.


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UX is not UI: Why?


UI design focuses on the visual elements that make the very first impression on the users. UX design focuses on the overall experience that the users draw from using a website or app. What is UX and UI Design?


UX Recognizes Needs, UI Attracts Those in Need Consider a newly-opened salon in an area. The owner must have performed her research about the clients’ needs and expectations from a good parlor/salon. Are there more high-end salon in the same area? Would it be beneficial if I open a unisex salon? Will it be good if I offer some discount for initial few days? Each of these aspects would help in deciding the price, set-up ambiance, service and more. That’s creating a wonderful UX . The things like discount value, décor and price would layout the interface for the visitors. That’s a good UI design.


UI design is a part of the entire UX design process. The entire process of interface laying-out is a part of creating the impactful user experience. UI design follows UX design. Once the wireframes are created, the UI designer begins his or her task. However, the two may perform concurrently. UI design place emphasis on the interface of the website or app, UX focuses on the functionality and flow of the product or app/website A UI designer works towards enhancing the interface’s beautifulness while UX design focuses at boosting its usefulness. The Differences


In Terms of User Emotions Firstly, UX designer play their part, UI designer’s role comes somewhere in between of the process. Initially, a UX designer would first gauge the user’s emotions. Then, a UI designer would perform its duty to trigger those emotions. Lastly, the UX designer would again help users complete the triggered emotions. For More Information: http://www.infojiniconsulting.com/blog/why-ux-is-not-ui-answering-the-million-dollar-question-for-the-laymen/


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