Ways to increase Conversion Rate

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Some very interesting and effective ways to increase conversion rate for your business.


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Ways to Increase Conversion Rate:

Infinite Conversions Ways to Increase Conversion Rate


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What is Conversion Rate Optimization:

It is the process of optimizing your landing pages and overall website design to increase the number of visitors being converted. It can be used to improve any element on your website that’s important for your business and it is often called key performance indicators (KPIs)–that you’re trying to improve. Conversion Rate Optimization is abbreviated as CRO The conversion rate is calculated by the percentage of visitors actually clicking on the call-to action that might be present on the landing page. Conversion-Rate = Number of Visitors Who Performed Desired Action / Total Number of Visitors What is Conversion Rate Optimization

Types of Testing for CRO:

There are two types of testing used in conversion rate optimization; one is A/B testing and other is multivariate testing. In an A/B or split test there are two versions of a web page, version A and version B. Version A is usually the control page, or the existing page and version B is the alternative treatment or the challenger. Types of Testing for CRO


The traffic is randomly split (50/50 although you can vary the split percentage) half of the traffic sees version A and the other half sees version B until each version has enough traffic and enough conversions for the test to be statistically valid and a wining version to be declared. In a Multivariate test there are a combination of variables being tested. Traffic is also split between the different versions in this type of test as well. Let’s say you have 4 different headlines your testing  and 2 different images and 5 different calls to action buttons on a single page. Using a Multivariate test, this would generate 24 different combinations or treatments. 4 x 2 x 5 = 40 (4 headlines x 2 images x 5 buttons) with each treatment a visitor would see only one combination of elements. Every possible combination (40) would be included in the test. Contd…

Ways to Increase CRO:

For Increasing CRO there are different ways and it follow as: Test your landing page design: Conduct testing to find the right layout that push the highest percentage of site visitors to fill out your form, call in, or otherwise convert into actual buyer. Optimize Speed of landing page: We should keep in mind that landing page of website should be optimize so that visitors do not fickle. Optimize the heading or sub-heading: Heading should be catchy and in proper location. Optimize button text: Location of button should be proper because it is very important for call-to –action. Testing call-to-action: Test different calls to action and track which one performs better Ways to Increase CRO

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