What is the Future of Dot Net? Will it Be Active or Not?


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Created by Microsoft, the Dot Net is the most popular framework used for creating web and mobile-based applications. It is a friendly environment framework with inbuilt tools that makes the developers develop the app without issues. By analyzing the features of .NET, we can discuss whether it has a future or not in the PPT. Learn more here: https://www.infinijith.com/hire-developers/hire-dotnet-developers


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What is the Future of Dot Net?  Will it Be Active or Not?:

What is the Future of Dot Net?   Will it Be Active or Not? Presentation from, Infinijith Apps & Technologies , By Nanthini .

.NET Intro:

.NET Intro Created by Microsoft, the Dotnet is the most popular framework used for creating web and mobile-based applications. It is a friendly environment framework with inbuilt tools that makes the developers develop the app without issues.

.NET Framework vs .NET Core::

.NET Framework vs .NET Core: .NET Framework Dotnet framework  is a kind of software, which Microsoft developed to perform on Microsoft windows (i.e., it supports only Windows OS). The goal of the .NET framework is to develop desktop apps and web-based applications like forms or to provide web-based services. .NET Core   Dotnet core,  is an open-source and updated platform of .NET framework, as various Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., will be supported in the Dotnet core.  The goal of the .NET Core is to develop server apps.


Asp.NET In the .NET framework, Active Server Pages (ASP) is designed of pages and part of the framework to simplify the task of developing web apps.  ASP is a famous technology to control web-based functionalities in .NET.

Which programming is effective for the Dotnet?:

Which programming is effective for the Dotnet? C++ VB.NET C#

Uses and Advantages of Dotnet::

Uses and Advantages of Dotnet: Able to manage Memory Memory is the most benefited feature and reason for using .NET more. In other programming concepts, the memory is managed manually but in .NET, the CLR (Common Language Runtime, a virtual element) manages the memory effectively.  You can use a garbage collector to free the memory in .NET.


We have a bundling concept in the Dotnet which helps to block the unwanted data.  The programming languages in the .NET framework is defined by the framework system type. 2.Data Management ​

3. Library Files:

3. Library Files In the dotnet, the developers can create assemblies to multiple numbers of frameworks. The programmers can use .NET Framework Class Library Files to handle the functionalities without writing too much code.

4.Security and Minimum code:

4.Security and Minimum code Thus, .NET is a code effective and secured framework to develop web applications.  With the use of CLR and less code, the .NET has code assess security.

5.Language independence:

5.Language independence With the help of Common Intermediate Language (CIL), the developer can use their preferred programming language.

6. Regular version Updates:

6. Regular version Updates Dotnet versions are updated regularly without issues and it enhances the features of applications.

How will you develop .NET applications?:

How will you develop .NET applications? You can  hire Dotnet developer  to develop the professional-looking app with all the new technologies. Infinijith  Apps & Technologies  is   the  top .net development company in India , where you can find developers at an affordable price. Why are you waiting? Hire now to start your project:  Hire Dotnet developers

Will .NET have the future?:

Will .NET have the future? Dotnet   is having a bright future.  It gives you regular updates to upgrade your performance according to the latest technologies. All the developers are expecting the upcoming versions of the Dotnet to use the new features. It is more secured to develop the app and it will support all operating systems to perform successfully. To Conclude: Thanks! YES!

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