Tea Market the US market will witness increase in demand for tea in up

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Global Tea Market to 2019 - Market Size, Growth, and Forecasts in Over 70 Countries “ Tea Market : the US market will witness increase in demand for tea in upcoming years ” Published on - 25 May, 2015   Single User Price: $2488 Click Here To Check Complete Report


Tea is the most popular drink for social gatherings all across the globe. It has been consumed by many countries from old times and became a cultural habit or tradition in many regions. The global tea market is growing at a rapid pace due to the increasing tea consumption. Tea is preferred over coffee, since tea is anti-oxidant as well as less caffeinated. In the global tea market, black tea, English breakfast tea, earl grey tea and iced tea are some of the famous variants of teas. Herbal teas are mostly blends of flower and herbs, most of the times they do not have tea leaves. Tea market is thriving globally with different types of teas for different region. The tea results in variety of flavors owing to the process the tea leaves are processed and later brewed. Teas are gaining prominence in the US market specifically the earl grey tea (herbal tea), green tea, iced tea and chai (Indian black tea). The English breakfast tea is a routine breakfast ritual and is consumed throughout the day in the United Kingdom.


The highest growth in the global tea market in the consumption is in India, with increase in the population in past decades. There is a rise in tea drinking population in India. Green tea demand is increasing in India owing to the awareness of green tea benefits among the population. In the global tea market, White tea is the most expensive tea, since it is made of tiny leaves also due to high concentration of anti-oxidants in the tea. White tea benefits are more when compared to any other tea. The top producers and exporters of tea across the global tea market are China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka etc. India consumes highest amount of Tea in the world with tea being habitual drink as well as drink for social gatherings. The top importers of tea are Russia Federation, United Kingdom, Pakistan and United States. Download Sample Brochure


Some of the prominent companies in the global tea market are: Lipton Tetley Twining’s Tim Hortons O-cha The tea producers are trying to bring the new tea species with exotic flavors and taste using microbiology in the global tea variants for gaining prominence over regional as well as international tea market. There is definite profit and good revenue gains in the tea industry. Make an Inquiry Before Buying


Global Tea Market to 2019 - Market Size, Growth, and Forecasts in Over 70 Countries A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the Tea Market and future opportunities are provided in the report. Contact: 1-302-684-6088 sales@marketintelreports.com www.marketintelreports.com Click here to order a copy of Tea Market

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