8 Fabulous Ways to Style a Tapestry

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8 Fabulous Ways to Style a Tapestry Tapestry is one of my most favorite accessory that compliments my home decor exactly the way I want. Art craft and culture truly fascinate me to the core. And this is something which is displayed in every hook and corner of my house. Meaningful and beautiful artworks will be my heart throb and will surely form a part of my home decor. There are more different patterns and designs of the ​Indian wall hanging tapestry that can either be used as a ​wall hanging ​ a bedspread or as a curtain and picnic . Get hands on these seven ways to style a ​ ​tapestry ​. 1.The Elegent Mandala Bed Spreads

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Breaking the banal and the overstated style of decor the ​Mandala bedspreads ​ will be a new transformation for the bedrooms. Getting that extra ethnic touch to the home is somewhat different. The large mandala bedspreads for the double bed will display the best of the art. 2. As a picnic blanket Your tapestry can also make up for a lovely picnic blanket. You can either use it by itself or make a waterproof picnic blanket out of it. No longer will you have to tolerate the feel of that scratchy wet grass every time you go out on a picnic with your friends colleagues or family members.

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3. Tapestry as a Headboard If you have a bed that does not have a nice headboard you can just hang a exquisite tapestry behind that bed and create the effect of an beautiful headboard. This is not a bad idea to add some décor to your bed space. 4. Hang it on the wall Get closer to the perfect home decor style and hang a large indian wall hanging ​mandala tapestry onto the wall. Cover up the blank wall spaces to create the magical effects in any room you try the makeover.

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The wall tapestries can be used anywhere in the indoor or even outside. What we should know is to settle with the prints and patterns that will look good inside and outside the home. Like in a verandah or a balcony we can have a mirror worked or a patchwork tapestry. For the indoors I prefer to have the traditional and the religious tapestries. Like we have personally used the ​ indian ​Bohemian tapestry ​ to add that extra rhythm to the existing room décor. 5. As a Table Cloth

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Although you can put up a tapestry on just about any flat surface it does look very nice as a table cloth. Now you can have those long conversations with your friends right at that gorgeous looking dining table. I am sure there are many more such ideas if you actually start thinking of how to use your tapestry. So you can now actually go on a Tapestry Shopping spree for decorating your home the way you wish. 6. A Tapestry as Bed Canopy Suddenly what a brilliant idea flooded my mind. I thought of using the tapestry as a canopy. The kids bedroom in my house has twin beds. To make it cozy and give my child some privacy the ​tapestry canopy was a fantastic idea. The aesthetic designs and craft made our room look cozy giving some quiet retreat. Sleeping under the canopy provides a king-like treatment improving the overall experience. 7. A Duvet Cover Tapestries come with lovely patterns that make up for beautiful duvet covers. You can enjoy the comfortable feel of the material while you snuggle up with a friend or a pet. It could be great for kids too. 8. ​Hang it from the ceiling

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Indian Hanging a tapestry right from the ceiling can change the look of your space almost instantly. If you do not have a ceiling fan or a light attached to your ceiling this is the best thing to do. So get yourself up on a chair and start hanging that tapestry. So before making the purchase always note the care instructions and material or the quality of the fabric. If made of colors try and get the tapestry dry cleaned before the next use. Go strong and independent with the mandala tapestry ​ ​home decor ​. IndianFebric : The best place to buy mandala tapestries. Buy from our varied range of indian mandala tapestries wall hangings or bedspreads made from pure cotton. Connect here more info : Website ​http://indianfebric.com/ Phone No +91 8619948972/ +91 8560038317 Email Us febricindiangmail.com/munesh099gmail.com More tapestry collection ​http://indianfebric.com/product-category/wall-hanging-tapestry/

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