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Figuring Out Cost When Starting A T-shirt Business - Imaging Spectrum Learn more at:


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FIGURING OUT COST WHEN STARTING A T-SHIRT BUSINESS Presented by: Imaging Spectrum - Photo Printing Solutions and Supplies.

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STARTING A T-SHIRT PRINTING BUSINESS IS EXCITING. LET’S LOOK AT THE COST OF STARTING A T-SHIRT PRINTING BUSINESS SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING INTO BEFORE YOU BEGIN. How Much Does it Cost to Run a T-shirt Printing Business • Fixed expenses: These are things like equipment rent taxes and wages. If you want to begin with a DTG setup perfect for a small shop you can expect to pay 15K for a printer like the Epson F2100. • Variable expenses: Things that change according to how much product you put out ink toner film fabric etc.

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HOW TO DETERMINE PRICING • Scope out what competitors are charging to see where the market is • Use these 4 elements to determine your pricing: • How much your supplies cost. • How much your labor costs. • What is your overhead • What the market will bear • To lure in customers consider giving bulk discounts or deals if they buy a bundle.

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It may seem like a lot of crunching numbers just to figure out something as simple as printing t-shirts but you are running a business you need to have all the ‘business stuff’ squared away so you’ll be better prepared financially. Learn more at: 019/08/figuring-out-cost-when- starting-a-t-shirt-business/

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