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Łukasz Szymański, Project & PR Manager , Ideo Sp. z o.o. The secret of success - fulfill their dreams...

The bad news is that our customers hate us. The good news is that there’s much less of them than it used to be. Software House & Interactive Agency

Branson in "Like a Virgin" reminds us that high quality customer service is one area where you can make your business prosper and "blow away the competition." Software House & Interactive Agency

Software House & Interactive Agency

Software House & Interactive Agency

One level above crap „ Since we have so low customer service expectations, the speed of the case is so easy to subscribe in the mind of the customer, make a positive impression on it, surprising response speed and loyalty. Just one level higher than normal-shit. ” Software House & Interactive Agency

Good service attracts 40% of customers will buy a competitive product because of excellent service 55% of customers prefer to recommend the company for excellent service than, for example, a low price 85% of customers are ready to pay up to 25% more for guaranteeing proper service Source : Fly on the cloud Software House & Interactive Agency

Evil repels 82% of customers stop buying because of poor service 95% of Clients will take various actions due to poor service: 85% warns the company 55% want to unload anger 24% have checked what the company has done S o urce : Fly on the cloud Software House & Interactive Agency

Why we are looking for another Contact the rude employee Unexpected costs and expenses Poor product or service quality Lack of information when we need it Source : Fly on the cloud Software House & Interactive Agency

Where are we looking for it? Firms spend $ 214 billion o n advertising worth 4% for people 83% of customers believe more strongly in recommendations from people they know (family, friends, friends) Source : Fly on the cloud Software House & Interactive Agency

Meet your dreams – solve their problems You have to be where they are To approach them when they need it unless you want to say something very important Make their needs meet, solve their problems With good service sales will come by itself Software House & Interactive Agency

We are accustomed to accessing the internet, e asy contact with others We can say that we are demanding these contacts. Also from companies with which we "cooperate" Software House & Interactive Agency

Software House & Interactive Agency

We used to create a shop ... i Parts sells spare parts for cars. For all cars. Currently over 100 brands. Each brand has X models. Each model has Y spare parts Each part can be in Z variants 100 * X * Y * Z = over 2ml n p roducts Software House & Interactive Agency

Software House & Interactive Agency

Not necessarily …  i Parts based on the "just in time" Reduced risk of " unsold " Minimize " frozen " means There is another threat ... Software House & Interactive Agency

Suppliers Dozens of regular suppliers Several suppliers of the product (default) They only supply "sold" products B ooking directly in supplier system s Price and delivery guarantee Product Catalog - TecDoc integration ( webservice , DVD) Replacement products D elivery to the warehouse or to the customer Software House & Interactive Agency

What does the customer see? Full information about the selected product ( verification on every call ) Item availability Delivery time Final price Full description Product feedback Available alternatives C hanges ? Continuous updating and information Software House & Interactive Agency

We started from scratch a few years ago Around 5,000 customers per month make a purchase Software House & Interactive Agency

We started from scratch a few years ago „ ... according to the prestigious and independent rankings of, Gazeta Wyborcza ,, we are the shop with parts number 1 in the country. As the only representatives of our industry, we are at the forefront of the largest and most popular e-commerce companies in the Internet Standard and Gemius ... „ Software House & Interactive Agency

What would happen if ... Software House & Interactive Agency

I ntegration and analysis Tru e BIG Dat a O rder history ( iParts and suppliers) and predicting "hills" Weather variability of orders W ebsite traffic analysis and product recommendation A nalysis of traffic on the Internet - we know what you are interested in and we advise you W e know your story (your car) - traffic and sales ( and internet) W e know when you are looking for spare parts and related products I nternet of Things-replace the bulb because it burns for 3… 2… 1… Software House & Interactive Agency

She burned … H e knows what is the average life span of these particular light bulbs, and he informs you that he is approaching the wrong time soon enough … S ug gests that it is worth buying a new one, and if I exchange too often – he says that he should visit the service and check the installation. H e makes a visit, so you do not wait in line . Software House & Interactive Agency

P redicting the future ? I know how much I ride and under what conditions. So he says that for example in a month I should think about exchanging something, and in three months something else. In half a year I have a review, and anyway it is in the next year waiting for me ... Tells where and keeps updating information about the nearest service recommended by my friends . One click and I have an appointment that he will remind me of soon enough. Software House & Interactive Agency

f „ Can a complaint be filed in any store, or only in the place where the shoes were bought?" Please contact us via the "Ask us" tab. W hat is it for you FB ? So that I can answer you . Software House & Interactive Agency

Communication Message Center You will find our every product. Everywhere (in store, in app, in banner, in search engines) You are booking a romantic dinner, and in your car you will find a rocker ... will you come? You ride on summer tires and it is slippery. Slow Display in the car, smartphone, smartwatch, our portal or any other, contextual advertising, in the mail, refrigerator … At any time, I can turn off reminders in any of them. Software House & Interactive Agency

Software House & Interactive Agency

More and more companies are choosing to use IT tools This speeds up the execution of business processes and customer service, but also reduces the costs involved. As a result, it contributes to the increase in profits. But will "machines" think for you ? Software House & Interactive Agency

We want to best serve our customers, so we design a "great" solution . We want it to be fun and to make customers happy to use it. After all, we implement them. W ho do we most often ask for feedback ? W e know very well how this works T raders will gladly tell you how to do it, because they have the best contact with the customer T he president of course knows best W hat will you teach them ? Software House & Interactive Agency

Did not it happen to you that your customer would be happy to complain? You will be reminded of all mistakes and shortcomings that you made T he same will tell you what else you should do Software House & Interactive Agency

Common sense principles M ake only those actions that are justified business Software House & Interactive Agency

The greatest mystery S mile You do not do this for punishment  500 067 606 Software House & Interactive Agency

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