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3D printers for school is bringing a revolution in the world. 3D printing has taken over the world like a storm.


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ADVANTAGES OF UTILIZING 3D PRINTING IN EDUCATION 3D printing technology looks as unreal to be true just like fiction movie. A 3D printer works by printing objects with the only difference that it uses substantive materials- metal rubber plastics. The end result is intricate product that is functional as a real- world equivalent. If it’s a rubber ball a plastic piece of chess pawn or a toy jewelry you are printing the real thing. This technology is being used in the world of education. It’s about time objects come out of the computer screen straight to the hand. Students can use this technology to inspect and analyze the created object. The use of 3D printing education may also help bridge the gap between physical and the digital use the other benefits are: Printing a pyramid is something only 3D printing can capably handle to understand the structural orientation better. Learning about landforms Design and print a peninsula to understand it better. This technology has helped feed the inquisitiveness of the

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students.3D printing makes the student a creator. Instead of consuming the creation of someone else they work on their own created product. Give the right tools support and resources and witness the change it can bring in the society. 3D printing is still an emerging technology that is not available for the general or average consumer. The advancements in this technology has created an enthusiasm and excitement amongst the students. 3D printing has helped escalate the level of creativity and art a notch up. Students become designers creators and consumers with the use of this cutting-edge technology. The spatial reasoning skills of students also improve with the use of 3D technology. It has helped students have an edge over the others with the use of 3D printing education sphere an online community of dedicated learners have grown. Students actively take part in the creation procedure and like to get the response of their peers’ over the design and product. 3D printers for school is bringing a revolution in the world. 3D printing has taken over the world like a storm. The technology advancement that this technology has shown is like no other. This technology that use to be considered for the very learned and worthy people only now has become and art commonly used and promoted by one and all. The printers that were once a luxury now make it to the house and schools like a common commodity.

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