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When will I need an IRS Lawyer Learn more with Gordon Law LTD Dealing with your taxes can be a pain. Most taxpayers will try to get their tax return done as soon as possible to avoid issues and to avoid the IRS. While most taxpayers will choose to file their tax returns on their own it can be a good idea to hire a tax professional to help. An IRS lawyer can help you out with all parts of your taxes. You do not need to go to court to the IRS to have a lawyer at your side. Here are some of the other reasons you can use an IRS lawyer to help you out during tax season. To fill out taxes Many tax lawyers know the different law that arise during tax season. Most taxpayers do not understand these laws. This misunderstanding is what will result in an audit or some other issues with the IRS. Hiring a tax professional to help fill out your tax return each season can be a great idea. These professionals will take all of your paperwork and help you fill out a return completely and correctly. A bonus of hiring a professional to help you with your tax return is that the professional can find a lot of deductions and credits for you. Many taxpayers do not know how to find these credits and may pass the credits up. These credits and deductions can save you a lot of money and your IRS lawyer will be able to determine accurately if you qualify for each one. The tax deductions make it well worth your time to hire a professional during tax season. When the IRS performs an audit It is a good idea to hire an IRS lawyer to help you out during an audit. It is easy to become scared and worried during the auditing process and most taxpayers do not know where to turn. Your tax professional will help you through each step. Your tax professional can start out with helping you find the right paperwork to hand into the IRS. Next the professional will be able to explain the auditing process and explain what will happen during each step. If you decide to appeal the audit decision you need to have a tax professional at your side to get the decision to end in your favor. When you have overseas accounts Overseas accounts are confusing. The IRS has stepped up their investigations about overseas accounts to prevent fraud. Many taxpayers over the years have used overseas accounts as a way to hide their assets and to evade paying taxes. While your account might be completely legitimate you need to report this money to the IRS to avoid huge penalties and fees. An IRS lawyer will be able to help you to report this account properly. In some cases you may not have reported your overseas accounts in previous years. It is best to report the account as soon as possible. The IRS is much more lenient to those who come forward voluntarily compared to those who get caught. Whether you report the overseas account on your own or the IRS finds out about this account you need to have a tax professional by your side through this process. Anytime you have a question during tax season There are always a lot of questions that come up during tax season. Most people do not understand the new tax laws and how these laws apply to them. These laws change every year so keeping up on your taxes can be a challenge. With the help of an IRS lawyer you can get all of your questions answered. Consider hiring a tax professional each year to get the most out of your tax return. Tax law can be confusing. Most taxpayers do not know where to turn to get their questions answered. Our tax professionals at Gordon Law Group are available for all of your tax season questions. Referral Link : https://www.gordonlawltd.com/ 400 Central Ave Suite 340 Northfield IL 60093 PHONE: 847-580-1279 FAX: 847-305-1202

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