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My Happy Family

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My Papa My papa is a very shy boy. He enjoyed having a dog and if he had one he always make sure that it have a comfortable ventilation. He also like to cook foods every morning, afternoon and, even mid night. My father love us so much that’s why I love him more.

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My Mama I had a hard working mom. She treasure us so much. Every time that she’s on phone she always make sure that were okey. So I found her as the best mom ever.

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My Kuya Jherome My kuya enjoyed going out with his friends. He also enjoyed riding i9n his motor bike and stroll in the different area in Bagac. I find my self smiling when I am with him in short he is a “clown“ HEHEHE. He can caught other emotion that’s why my of us wants' to be with him.

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A Walk To Remember On the 24th day of may year 1996. My mother felt horrible in the reason she is giving birth on the baby boy that was me. My family is happy in my arrival. They all think that I am a healthy baby. But when I turned 7 months old ,that was the time I got sick. I had passed through the examination of some doctors, we also try to asked the help of different ”albularyos” even how far they place it may be, even in the midnight, were leaving because my mom really don’t know what to do in me , but still I'm sick. But in gods will I became normal again.

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On my 1st birth day my parents prepared a very big party because they thought that virtue for being a baby there are plenty of balloons, foods and there is also a clown.

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When I turned 2 years Old, My mom decided to cross the other country to earned money, which I may say that she had so much luck in other country. I was left in the custody of my father, while my kuya is in the will of my Tita. Our life turned well so far cause my mom can able to give all the things that we want. During on my seventh birthday there is something marked on my mind. I considered it as one of the memorable moment happened way back on my oldest years.

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When my first year in school, I was a little bit hesitant, because almost of my classmate are stranger, but as the day goes by , I had already made a friendship with my classmates. Until I finish elementary grades. Its sad that my mom didn’t make it to be here in my graduation day, but on the other hand, I'm so happy, because her sacrifices has turned into the good results.

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I enjoyed vacation time, at first I was eager to go the public school, but my mom is more eager to put me in the private school, particularly to the school where my kuya is studying. Its about an hour trip from our home, its quite expensive also to that school, but it doesn’t matter to my mom cause she really wants to give us a better education. I didn’t expect that this life is much happier than in the primary grades. I had a lots of friends. I learned to wake up early and to be responsible all the time.

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Among all this years that id experience to be alive, there is something I realized, that life is just simple, so live life to the fullest, you need not to be feared of loosing something because you may end up having more.

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