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Brief Description Regarding Flight Ticket Booking As we know, IRCTC air is an online portal that helps in  flight ticket booking  online. There is a precise procedure that tells you  how to book flight tickets  of your preference in the airline /flight of your choice through this portal.


The first step in this process of booking tickets is to open the website of IRCTC https://www.irctc.co.in/ or  https://www.air.irctc.co.in/ . The first option that will be visible to you on opening the site is ‘flights’ on top of your screen. There will be other options– ‘one way,’’ round trip,’ ‘multi-city,’ and ‘LTC.’ There will be other heads too, like those asking for details about destination ‘from.’ ‘to,’ ‘departure date,’ ‘return date’ and ‘travellers, economy.’


Once these details are filled, click the next option that is the ‘search’ option. Displayed here will be the list of flights with arrival and departure timings and the cost of tickets. Choose that which is agreeable to your itinerary and the requirements thereon. Once you find everything that suits you and are ready to buy the tickets, you click on the option which says ‘book.’ Another option saying ‘Modify search’ will also be seen. If you want to change the preference you have provided earlier.  A separate page showing flight details and complete breakup plan of the fares will now follow up. Click Add traveller information if everything has been agreeable to your requirements. Still, if you think every detail provided is not to your liking and that you would want to explore more, then you can click ‘search again’ and proceed to look for better options.


The IRCTC login page will appear as soon as you click ‘Add traveller information’ sign in now, and if you don’t have an IRCTC account, then get yourself registered into one. There is also a ‘Sign as a guest user’ option, which can be utilized by providing your email id and phone number. ‘Sign as a guest user’ option or get yourself registered to put the traveller details asked now take special care not to make any careless mistakes like errors in spellings etc. as this may change the whole exercise, and you may not get your ticket. You can book your  flight tickets  which will be sent to your email. Flight tickets inquiry can be obtained by entering the PNR number, which also contains details about the route. Because though the website does give information on the arrival and departure of the flights, some changes may occur due to unforeseen reasons like change in weather conditions, etc. Source – “ https://irctcairflight.blogspot.com/2020/02/flight-tickets-booking.html ”


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