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You can get Buddha travel and tour package from IRCTC Buddhist, you will get a chance to visit the best Buddhist places and Buddhist temple stupa.


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IRCTC Buddhist Enjoy best buddha travel and tour packages with IRCTC The Buddha was the greatest sage and mystic of the East and one of the greatest spiritual teachers of the world. On his preachings philosophy and 4 noble truths were founded Buddhism the 4th largest religion in the world today. He was called ‘the Awakened One’ or ‘the Enlightened one’. There are several important Buddhist sites in India to embark on a spiritual journey like no other. We’ve divided them into Buddhist spiritual sites Buddhist monasteries and ancient Buddhist cave sites. IRCTC provides best Buddha travel and tour packages. Take a look at the best Buddhist places to visit in India are : 1. Bodh Gaya: This is one of four main Buddhist pilgrimage sites. In Gaya under the Bodhi Tree the Buddha attained enlightenment. The Mahabodhi Temple which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it houses the Bodhi Tree and the Vajrasana or Diamond Throne the Mahabodhi Stupa an 80-foot Buddha statue a lotus pond a meditation garden Chinese Japanese Bhutanese Taiwanese Bangladeshi Thai and Tibetan monasteries.

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2. Sarnath: This is a sacred site where the Buddha delivered his first sermon taught the Dhamma including the four noble truths and eightfold path and formed the Sangha monastic community. In Sarnath lies the Dhamek Stupa 128 feet high as well as relics of other ancient Buddhist temple stupas. The Ashoka Pillar remains are also here. 3. Kushinagar: Another major pilgrimage site Kushinagar is the place where the Buddha attained Parinirvana nirvana after death. The Buddha breathed his last here. The site is mainly visited not by regular tourists but devout Buddhist followers and monks. The Parinirvana Stupa has the reclining statue of ‘dying Buddha’ Ramabhar Stupa which is the cremation site of the Buddha and Matha Kuar Shrine which has a giant statue of the Buddha. 4. Shravasti: An ancient city one of the largest during the Buddha’s lifetime is a significant pilgrimage site for Buddhists or lay travellers. Buddha spent most of the time after enlightenment in Shravasti. The Twin Miracle was said to have occurred here where the Buddha emitted flames from the upper part of his body and water from the lower. Places of interest are Jetavana Monastery Anathapindika and Angulimala Stupas and Anandabodhi Tree. 5. Rajgir Nalanda: The Vulture Peak at Rajgir was Buddha’s favourite retreats and here he delivered many important sermons. Buddhist caves of Saptaparni is where the first Buddhist council was held after his death. 6. Vaishali: The ancient city of Vaishali was considered one of the earliest examples of a republic. Here’s where the Buddha preached his last sermon before he attained his parinirvana. After renunciation his spiritual training initiated here and here’s where he initiated the first woman disciple Gautami into his order. Visit the Ashoka Pillar near the remains of a brick stupa where the last sermon was delivered and pay respects at the Coronation Pond which contains the ashes of the Buddha.

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Feel the lively vibes of many religions in the famous holy sites of India — Mathura Ayodhya Sarnath Vaishali Rajgir Nalanda Bodh Gaya and the list goes on. These are the most visited sites by pilgrims from every nook and corner of the globe. IRCTC offers intensive and quality service for buddha travel and tour packages. Many pilgrimage tour operators in India provides buddha travel and tour packages but IRCTC service is best. IRCTC is the one-stop window for getting access to information on buddha travel and tour itinerary like latest news reviews details of train facilities journeys photos and videos. Moreover IRCTC also assists you with your bookings and other formalities. So whenever you want to enjoy best Buddhist temple stupa you can contact IRCTC on its dedicated toll-free number i.e. 1800110139 for round-the-clock service. Alternatively you can

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