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Have you done Shravasti buddha tour? I hope it was your one of the best tour. because in this tour package IRCTC Buddhist covers caves of buddha and others buddha's related places. If you want to take this tour package you can visit our official website


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IRCTC Buddhist Embark on a Sravasti Buddha tour with IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train Buddhism has gained worldwide recognition as a religion that teaches man the correct way to lead life. Lord Buddha the founder of this noble religion believed in following the middle-path in life and also encouraged his devotees to undertake a Buddhist pilgrimage at least once as it would help them attain virtue. While there are several significant Buddhist pilgrim sites in India a few hold a greater significance and must be visited by Lord Buddha’s followers. Sravasti an ancient city in present-day Uttar Pradesh is one such destination. While you can reach Sravasti via road a Sravasti Buddha tour can best be taken onboard IRCTC’s Buddhist Tourist Circuit Train.

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A semi-luxury train it has been launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited IRCTC in order to connect all the significant Buddhist spots in India and Nepal and give devotees an opportunity to traverse the Buddhist circuit in utmost comfort. The train offers 8 days and 7 nights beautiful train journey that covers quiet monasteries sacred groves famous temples caves of Buddha and holy rivers. Sravasti attracts followers of Buddhism from all over the world as it has many old structures as well as the relics of Lord Buddha’s hut preserved at the famous Jetavana Monastery. From archaic stupas to grand viharas you can find you fill with Buddhist monuments in this small town where it is believed that the Buddha performed all his miracles. During your Sravasti Buddha tour you will also spot several monks meditating under bodhi trees in various quiet corners. This quaint town is covered on day 7 of this itinerary which is packed with equally interesting destinations some of which include:

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1Bodhgaya: Located in Bihar it is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Pilgrims like to visit the Bodhi tree Mahabodhi temple Muchalinda lake and the Vajrasana throne which was donated by King Ashoka. 2Sarnath: It is believed that Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at the deer park in Sarnath and after that he attained enlightenment. The place is also famous for tourist attractions such as Ashokan Pillar and Dhamekh Stupa. 3Kushinagar: The mortal remains of Lord Buddha were buried in Kushinagar under more than 80000 stupas which were erected across his entire kingdom as well on the premises. Pilgrims can also visit Wat Thai Temple Chinese Temple and Japanese temple. 4 Lumbini: Lumbini is lord buddha’s birthplace. It is famous for Mayadevi temple and Ashokan pillar. It has also attained the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site. 5 Rajgir: Rajgir is home to the famous Venuvana Monastery where Lord Buddha meditated for hours and Gridhakuta hills where he preached sermons to his disciples. Source – “ sravasti-buddha-tour-with-irctcs-buddhist-circuit-tourist-train- e8261664c68f”

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