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You should take Sravasti Buddhist tour packages because IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tour Train visits the holiest Buddhist places and monuments all over India. For more information, you can visit our official website https://www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com/.


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Sravasti Buddhist Tour Packages The IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train strives to provide you an exquisite travel experience with well-crafted itineraries, which makes it the most preferred train by those seeking to visit places related to the life and times of Lord Buddha. The major objective of IRCTC is to change the way people travel by making their journeys more enjoyable unlike other pilgrimage tour operators in India who are only focused on just covering plenty of destinations in a short span of time. One such example of their well-planned religious tour can be found on www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com .

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IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Train offers a sacred excursion to the most prominent destinations associated with Buddhism. Amongst many indispensable destinations that are significant to Buddhism is Sravasti . With  Sravasti Buddhist Tour Packages , passengers can now take the sacred  Sravasti Buddhist Tour  to enrich themselves with the positive aura.

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Sravasti (also known as Savatthi in ancient times) is a beautiful city in the north-east of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It lies next to a river and shares a border with Nepal. Lord Buddha spent the greater part of his monastic life- preaching and meditating here. He is said to have spent 24 chaturmasya in the city, which is a 4 month period for meditation and austerities in the Hindu lunar calendar. Age-old stupas , majestic viharas and several Buddha temples near the village of “ Sahet-Mahet ” establish Buddha’s association with Sravasti . Today it is surrounded by a great rampart of earth and brick from olden times. Excavation has revealed many idols and inscriptions of the age. With " Sravasti Buddhist Tour Packages " , travelers will get a personalized  Sravasti Buddhist Tour  which includes all the pivotal destinations of Buddhism in Sravasti . They are: Jetavana Monastery - Crucial to Buddhism, Jetavana Monastery is known for housing Lord Buddha’s hut, ‘ Gandhakuti ’, Anandabodhi Tree for meditation and has small stupas .

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Pakki Kutti - Also known as Angulimala’s stupa is one of the must-see sites in Sravasti . It is said that Lord Buddha calmed the dacoit Angulimala on his journey and asked him to renounce violence. Today, travelers will find idols and inscriptions of the Buddhist period in Pakki Kutti . Sahet Mahet - Sahet and Mahet are separated by half a kilometer. While Sahet has the foundations and bases of statues, Mahet , on the other hand, has the remains of the massive gates Buddhists built to protect their town from attacks. Today, all the idols have been restored in a museum. Amongst many customized trips like  Sarnath Buddhist Pilgrimage , " Sravasti Buddhist Tour Packages" , etc. IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train itineraries will take you to all the destinations associated with Buddhism. For bookings, visit  www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com Source – “ https://irctcbuddhist.blogspot.com/2019/12/sravasti-buddhist-tour-packages.html ”

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