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You should visit the Buddhist monasteries of India with IRCTC Buddhist because it covers many holy pilgrimage places for Buddhists like as Rumtek Monastery (Sikkim), Hemis Monastery (Ladakh), Dhankar Monastery (Spiti Valley), Diskit Monastery (Leh) and for more information you can visit our official website https://www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com/.


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IRCTCBuddhist Visit mind-blowing Buddhist Monasteries of India with IRCTC Those seeking a peaceful experience in beautiful destinations can enjoy exploring these top Buddhist monasteries in India with IRCTC. Buddhist culture and ethos can be found all around the country right from Leh and Ladakh up north till the southernmost points of India in Mysore. Many Buddhist monasteries were established in remote Ladakh Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim after the Indian government allowed Tibetan Buddhist exiles to settle in India in 1959. For those who seek mental peace and want to connect to their spiritual side must visit these Buddhist monasteries in India and rediscover the meaning of life. You will surely have a peaceful and harmonizing experience at these holy pilgrimage place for Buddhists.

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Tawang Monastery Arunachal Pradesh Phuktal Monastery Jammu amp Kashmir Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun Tsuglagkhang Complex Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh Rumtek Monastery Sikkim Thiksey Monastery Ladakh Hemis Monastery Ladakh Diskit Monastery Leh Namdroling Monastery Mysore Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat Himachal Key Monastery Lahaul-Spiti Tabo Spiti Valley Ghoom Monastery Darjeeling Gonjang Monastery Sikkim Dhankar Monastery Spiti Valley Gandhola Monastery Lahaul Significant Buddhist sites

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Many pilgrimage tour operators in India provide Buddhist Tour packages. But your search for the best Buddhist Tour packages in India ends at IRCTC. IRCTC provides the best tour of a holy pilgrimage place for Buddhist. IRCTC’S Buddhist Tour Packages have been meticulously prepared so that you don’t end up merely visiting the major holy pilgrimage place for Buddhists but also get to immerse in the spiritual sanctity characteristic of its sacred environs. IRCTC offers varying tour packages that combine different Buddhist Monasteries destinations with or without visits to other major tourists attractions of the subcontinent. Enjoy your Buddhist pilgrimage tour in India to- the four major Pilgrimage sites of Lumbini Bodh Gaya Sarnath and Kushinagar other holy sites at Nalanda Rajgir Kapilvastu Sravasti and Vaishali the historically significant caves at Ajanta-Ellora and many more with us at the best prices. May your pilgrimage to the holy birthplace of Buddhism delve you deeper into the mystical spiritual pathways illumined by this sacred path. Five most popular Buddhist holy pilgrimage tour provided by IRCTC are: Buddhist Temple Tour: Dhamekh Stupa Buddhist Temple Tour: Mulagandha Kuti Vihara Buddhist Temple Tour: Sarnath Museum Buddhist Temple Tour: Sacred Ruins Buddhist Temple Tour: Wat Thai IRCTC is the one-stop window for getting access to information of all holy pilgrimage place for Buddhists in India like latest news reviews details of train facilities schedules tariff journeys photos and videos. Moreover IRCTC also assists you with your bookings and other formalities. So whenever you want to enjoy Buddhist Monastery in India you can contact IRCTC on its dedicated toll-free number i.e. 1800110139 for round-the-clock service. Alternatively you can send your queries to flightsirctc.co.in to get the best possible resolutions.

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