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Do you know some Buddhist Monasteries? After visiting these places you will feel peace. If you want to know about Buddhism culture and history, so you should visit some Buddhism Monasteries like as Venuvana Monastery, Jetavana Monastery, Nalanda Monastery, Thai Monastery. for more information, you can visit our official website https://www.irctcbuddhisttrain.com/.


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IRCTCBuddhist Attain Inner Peace by Travelling to these Buddhist Monasteries in India with IRCTCBuddhistTrain.com The Buddha once said that the cessation of suffering began with understanding the cause and its origins and then following the path to its end. And to overcome this suffering one had to follow the Eight Fold Path of — right speech conduct livelihood effort mindfulness and Samadhi. This forms the basis of Buddhism culture and history.

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For those who are seeking the meaning of life and want to go on a breathtaking journey of spiritual discovery and self-realization visiting beautiful Buddhist monasteries through a Buddhist Circuit tour is a must. From partaking in guided meditations to spending time with Tibetan monks IRCTC Buddhist Train takes devout followers of Buddhism to some of the top Buddhist structures in India. If you’ve ever wanted to delve deep into Buddhism culture and history — now is the time. Venuvana Monastery Venuvana Monastery was the very first Buddhist monastery to be donated by King Bimbisara after the first year of Buddha attaining His enlightenment. The monastery is popular for its Japanese

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Buddha Temple which is situated at the back with beautifully landscaped gardens. An excursion through the monastery is a calming experience and there is a lake by the park where monks meditate. Jetavana Monastery Located outside the city of Savatthi Jetavana is one of the most renowned Buddhist monasteries in India. There is a Jetavana Grove which is among the major destinations of Buddhism. It is believed that Buddha performed a myriad of miracles and spent His time at this site actively tutoring his disciplines. The grove along with the monastery was gifted to the Buddha by a wealthy merchant and was rediscovered by Sir Alexander Cunningham after the rise and fall of Buddhism in the northern regions of India. The Burmese Buddhist Temple Thai Buddhist Temple and Myanmar Buddist Monastery are some of the other pilgrimage sites Buddhists visit during their journey to this monastery. Nalanda Monastery Nalanda is an ancient Buddha’s monastery built during the reign of the kingdom of Magadha in Bihar India. Nalanda University was a center of learning and the museum is a site that houses many culturally-rich relics of the past. The monastery offers a calm and peaceful environment for studying the teachings of Buddhism and people from all walks of life come here for a trip. The Buddhist monastery is open to visitors on Sundays between 14:00 to 18:00. Thai Monastery

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The Thai Monastery is famous for its 10-day meditation retreats amongst followers across the globe. The grand architecture and sloping roofs designed with golden tiles are what make this monastery stand out from the rest. A 25-meter tall bronze statue of Lord Buddha is housed within the building and there is a lot of history attached to it. The Monarch of Thailand had built this monastery in the year 1956 and it is also considered to be the only Thai temple in India. Beautiful carvings of Buddha along with paintings and stunning imagery are housed inside the building. For any serious follower of Buddhism it is a must-visit. Visiting a Buddhist monastery is unlike any experience. You learn about the life of Tibetan monks and get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the philosophy and livelihood of Buddhism. There are many more Buddhist monasteries in India like the ones above and the finest way to delve into the life of Buddha is by visiting them. Our carefully crafted travel itineraries leave no corners untouched and take the time to explore these monumental landmarks. If you are looking for a complete journey into Buddhism and want to experience the history and culture then traveling onboard the IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is a fantastic way to do that. For more details on the routes we cover and special offers visit our website at www.IRCTCBuddhistTrain.com. We look forward to having a pleasant journey with you and wish you the best in exploring the life of the Almighty Buddha. Source – “https://medium.com/irctc.buddhist/attain-inner-peace-by-travelling-to-these- buddhist-monasteries-in-india-with-irctcbuddhisttrain-com-69c0ab310fee”

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