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Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers' Response to Mobile Technology: Creative Projects. Analysis, and Reflection on Learning Experiences Presenter: Trisha Ainsa, UTEP


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Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers’ Response to Mobile Technology: Creative Projects, Analysis, and Reflection on Learning Experiences :

Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers ’ Response to Mobile Technology: Creative Projects, Analysis, and Reflection on Learning Experiences Trisha Ainsa, UTEP

Effectiveness of mlearning:

Effectiveness of mlearning Proof of concept Project-based Small scale No failed mlearning Experiences worth researching


Examples Chris Dede (Harvard) breaking down limits Ion (Auburn District) iPad raises literacy and numeracy skills Muir (Sherwood Heights Elementary) choosing teaching tools Salman Khan, Rice U, MIT, i /tunes U, PBS Teachers, Montecito Union Elementary

Choosing Teaching Tools:

Choosing Teaching Tools Manipulatives Teachers learning in Networked Communities

Choose your level of commitment.:

Choose your level of commitment. Step 1. Attend an informative workshop about mobile devices and mlearning. Step 2. Summarize and discuss what you learned at the presentation in our class discussion activity . Step 3. Plan a lesson for your classroom using a mobile device and share it in discussion. Step 4. Try out your lesson with a child.

What pre-teachers chose:

What pre-teachers chose T wo classes of teachers-in-training were invited to participate on a voluntary basis to learn more about the devices and engage students using mlearning. They were given a choice of activities, choice of levels of involvement, and choice of using and teaching with mobile devices, phones and tablets.

Learner Opportunity:

Learner Opportunity Thursday, March 1 st , you can attend a poster session from 4:30 to 6:00 in the Tomas Rivera Lobby at the Union at UTEP titled PO2. Using Mobile Devices in Student Teaching . On Friday, March 2 nd , you can attend a roundtable discussion in Tomas Rivera from 10:45 to 12:00 titled RO3. Encouraging the Use of Smartphone/Tablet Mobile Devices with Teachers in the Classroom. There is no charge.

Learner Information (mlearning news):

Learner Information (mlearning news) I will set up a special discussion activity for those of you who attend one or both sessions.

Example Discussion sharing of learning from the pre-teachers::

Example Discussion sharing of learning from the pre-teachers: “..we agreed that two lessons stood out and answered the question of what we would use in the future in our classroom. One was the tablet picture taking used in shadow observation. The teacher took her kindergarten class out to photo nature like trees, cactus, and benches. Later on that day the teacher and kids came back to photo the same things as they had done in the morning so that they could observe the shadows. They will do this all year to study seasons .”

Learner utilization (planning stage):

Learner utilization (planning stage) Our group came up with the following plan. Children will read from their readers and record it with their smart phone or tablet or iPad. Then they would listen to their recording and read again. There are plenty of websites and apps that will do the reading for them. Our group will find one with the best reading expression and ask the children to model after it. With some apps the reading is monotone and flat. We will find the best one that helps the students with reading expression.

Learner commitment to experience (try-it-out):

Learner commitment to experience (try-it-out) I used my iPad to make a movie about my dog using iMovie. I shared it in my intern classroom. The children were interested because they all had pets and they wanted to make movies about their pets. I taught them how to use the recording camera in the devices. Using the check-out tech system at the school, each child will have access to a mobile device for one night. When all children have had a chance to make their “pet movie” we will have a film festival with popcorn in the classroom.

What did I learn?:

What did I learn? MOBILE LEARNING Involves many different types of learning activities and approaches Is most effective when it has an integrated role in an overall training or learning experience Supports social learning and networking Can be personalized with apps and content customized for students Is not bite-sized or miniaturized, but provides content targeted to the context and need Extends our memory and access to information and knowledge Provides a bridge between the classroom and learning in the world Offers opportunities for creative projects, analysis, and reflection by students

Results are illustrated below.:

Results are illustrated below .

PowerPoint Presentation:

Question 3: Why do you like reading on the iPad more or why do you like reading print books more? Charlene Bozeman’s Class Grade Level: Pre-K 3 School: St. Mark's School

PowerPoint Presentation:

Question 3: Why do you like reading print books more? Charlene Bozeman’s Class Grade Level: Pre-K 3 School: St. Mark's School

What am I going to do about it?:

What am I going to do about it? Provide required opportunities for mlearning Reward creativity and risk taking in the class Guide students in exploration of apps and in using their own creativity and innovation for lesson plans and classroom curriculum development.

Some of the favorite apps found by participants for the mobile devices in the classroom:

Some of the favorite apps found by participants for the mobile devices in the classroom Marie Antoinette (for teaching history and math); Classroom Copilot and Teacher’s Class Behavior (for classroom management); Whiteboard, Dropbox . and Edmodo (for other teacher resources). Pre-teachers discussed EdWeb , which is an educational community that provides information covering topics in many areas relating to education. It provides opportunities to ask questions in regards to education or read about others posts.

PowerPoint Presentation:

A lesson plan app that teachers could use with either an iPad or a smart phone is “123’s ABC’s Handwriting Fun.” This for pre-kindergarten students who are just learning their letter and numbers. This app pronounces the letter shown and then the child can trace it. Another popular app was Sequencing a Story.docx . There was also a weather app where students can draw a graph in which they can count the sunny days and the cloudy days. Google Sky enables students to go outside at night and point the device to the sky and all the stars and constellations will appear labeled in the device. Other practice apps are and, an excellent website in which first grade children can practice their reading skills. A staple app for the classroom is iStoryBooks , an app that has timeless classic books, culturally diverse books, and many other books.

A gift for you!:

A gift for you!

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