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1 Work-Related Attitudes: Prejudice, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment Jojo vito, phd

Attitudes : 

2 Attitudes Work-related attitudes are the feelings people have about everything related to their jobs, whether it’s the work itself, superiors, coworkers, subordinates, or even the food in the company cafeteria Three major targets to consider: Prejudice: attitudes toward others Job satisfaction: attitudes toward the job Organizational commitment: attitudes toward the organization

Anatomy of Prejudice : 

3 Anatomy of Prejudice Prejudice may be defined as negative feelings about people belonging to certain groups Stereotypes are beliefs that people who belong to certain groups possess certain characteristics Discrimination is a form of negative behavior associated with a given stereotype

Bases for Prejudice : 

4 Bases for Prejudice Age Physical Condition Gender (being female) Race and National Origin Religion Etc.

Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction : 

5 Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction Employee Withdrawal: Actions such as chronic absenteeism and voluntary turnover (i.e., quitting one’s job) that enable employees to escape from adverse organization situations Job Performance Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Activities that enhance social relationships and cooperation with the organization but go beyond formal job requirements

Turnover : 

6 Turnover Unfolding model of voluntary turnover: A conceptualization that explains the cognitive processes through which people make decisions about quitting or staying on their jobs Decision depends on: Shock to the system: An attention-getting event that gets employees to think about their jobs (e.g., merger with another company) Decision frames: A set of internalized rules and images regarding how to interpret something that has occurred (e.g., based on what I know from the past, is there an obvious response?)

Promoting Job Satisfaction : 

7 Promoting Job Satisfaction Pay people fairly Improve the quality of supervision Decentralize organizational power Match people to jobs that fit their interests

Developing Commitment : 

8 Developing Commitment Enrich jobs Align the interests of the company with those of the employees Recruit and select new employees whose values closely match those of the organization

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