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The Advertising Plan : 

1 The Advertising Plan

Advertising Plan in Context : 

2 Advertising Plan in Context Ad Plan Specifies thinking and tasks needed to conceive and implement an effective advertising effort Marketing Plan

Advertising Plan Components : 

3 Advertising Plan Components Introduction Situation Analysis Objectives Budgeting Strategy Execution Evaluation

Advertising Plan Components : 

4 Advertising Plan Components Introduction Executive summary Overview Situation Analysis Historical context Industry analysis Market analysis Competitor Analysis

Slide 5: 

5 Historical context is an important consideration in developing an advertising plan for a brand.

Advertising Plan: Objectives : 

6 Advertising Plan: Objectives To create or maintain brand awareness. To change consumer beliefs or attitudes. To influence purchase intent. To stimulate trial use. To convert one-time users into repeat purchasers.. To encourage brand switching.

Sales vs. Communication Objectives : 

7 Sales vs. Communication Objectives Advertising = Sales? Advertising = Communication? Effective Communication = Sales? Focusing on communications objectives allows advertisers to consider a broad range of strategies. Building brand loyalty can take years.

Advertising Plan Components : 

8 Advertising Plan Components Characteristics of Workable Objectives Quantitative benchmarks Measurement methods Criteria for success Time frame

Advertising Plan Components (cont’d) : 

9 Budgeting Methods Percentage of sales Share of market/voice Response models Objective and Task Advertising Plan Components (cont’d)

Implementing Objective and Task Budgeting : 

10 Determine cost based on build-up analysis Production costs Ancillary costs Other promotion Reach Frequency Time frame Media Compare costs against industry and corporate benchmarks Reconcile andmodify budget Determine timeframe for payout Implementing Objective and Task Budgeting

Advertising Plan Components : 

11 Strategy Brand name recognition? Repetition and frequency Rhyming games Trial Use Stimulation? Introductory offers Product guarantees Brand Switching? Value Propositions Product comparisons Advertising Plan Components

Advertising Plan Components : 

12 Advertising Plan Components Execution Copy strategy Media plan Integrated brand promotion Evaluation Criteria Methods Consequences

The Role of the Advertising Agency in Advertising Planning : 

13 The Role of the Advertising Agency in Advertising Planning Advertiser Brings to the table an assessment of the brand’s value, the external environment, and opportunities and threats. The Advertising Agency’s Role To define the current marketing and market status of the brand into advertising objectives and strategies and ultimately into advertisements and IBP materials.

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