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Advertising and Promotion Research : 

1 Advertising and Promotion Research

Key Definitions : 

2 Key Definitions Advertising and Promotion Research: Any research that helps in the development, execution or evaluation of advertising and promotion. Account Planning A broader view than traditional research that introduces data earlier in the development process and relies on a wider variety of research techniques.

Advertising and Promotion Research : 

3 Advertising and Promotion Research Used to assist in determining market segments Plays a key role in helping creatives understand the audience Used to make go/no go ad decisions and when to pull ads Used to evaluate agency performance

Key Issues in Advertising and Promotion Research : 

4 Key Issues in Advertising and Promotion Research Reliability: The research method produces consistent findings over time. Validity: The information generated is relevant to the research questions being investigated. Trustworthiness: Usually applied to qualitative data; does the data seem to make sense? Meaningfulness: An assessment of limitations of the data.

Purposes of Developmental Advertising Research : 

5 Purposes of Developmental Advertising Research Idea Generation An agency is often called on to invent new, meaningful, ways of presenting a brand to a target audience. Concept Testing Seeks feedback to screen the quality of new ideas or concepts. Audience Definition Once a target segment have been identified, advertising planning can proceed with a developing a message that will be meaningful to the consumers. Audience Profiling Creatives need to know as much as they can about the people to whom their ads will speak.

Developmental Advertising Research Methods : 

6 Developmental Advertising Research Methods Focus Groups Brainstorming session with 6 to 12 customers May involve projective techniques Allow consumers to project thoughts and feelings onto neutral stimuli May also use association tests Ask consumers to express thoughts or feelings after hearing a brand or seeing a logo

Developmental Advertising Research Methods (cont’d) : 

7 Developmental Advertising Research Methods (cont’d) More methods include Field Work Embedded consumption: Learn from the experiences of the consumer through direct observation Creative brief: an outline of essential creative ideas “Cool Hunts” On the prowl for what is cool

Developmental Advertising Research Methods (cont’d) : 

8 Developmental Advertising Research Methods (cont’d) Internal company sources Government data sources Commercial sources Professional publications The Internet

Copy Research : 

9 Copy Research Research on the actual ads Used to judge the ads against a standard Sometimes a source of agency conflict

Slide 10: 

10 What sort of “feelings and emotions” do you think research would uncover for this ad?

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