OCT 2011 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

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1 ADAPTABLE # Characteristics of Adaptable people: Teachable Emotionally Secure Creative Service-minded

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2 COLLABORATIVE # Becoming collaborative requires focus in the following areas: Perception: See teammates as Collaborators, not competitors. Attitude: Be Supportive, not Suspicious Focus: Concentrate on the team, Not on Yourself Results: Create Victories Trough Multiplication


COMMITTED 1.Commitment usually is discovered in the midst of adversity. 2. Commitment does not depend on abilities. 3. Commitment comes as a result of choice. 4. Commitment last when it is based on values. 3 #


COMMUNICATIVE Communicative players… Do not isolate themselves from others. Make it easy for teammates to communicate with them. 4. Give attention to potentially difficult relationships. 5. Follow up important communication in writing. 4 #


COMPETENT Highly competent people have some things in common: They are committed to excellence They never settle for average 3. They pay attention to detail 4.They perform with consistency 5 #


DEPENDABLE Essence of dependability: Pure motives Responsibility Sound thinking Consistent contribution 6 #


DISCIPLINED Disciplined must have: Disciplined thinking Disciplined Emotions Disciplined actions 7 #


ENLARGING Traits of enlargers: They value their teammates They value what their teammates value 8 #


ENTHUSIASTIC Enthusiastic people…they: 1.They take responsibility of their own enthusiasm 2. Believe in what they do 3. Spend time with other enthusiastic people 9 #


INTENTIONAL Anyone who live with intentionality will have to do the following: Have a purpose worth living for Know your strength and weaknesses 3. Prioritize your responsibilities. 4. Learn to say no. 5. Commit yourself to long term achievement 10 #


MISSION CONSCIOUS Qualities: They know where the team is going. They let the leader of the team lead. 3. They place team accomplishment ahead of their own. 4. They do whatever is necessary to achieve the mission. 11 #


PREPARED Preparing for the challenges ahead: Assessment Alignment Attitude Action 12 #


RELATIONAL Relational elements that must be present in a team: Respect Shared experiences Trust Reciprocity Mutual enjoyment 13 #


SELF-IMPROVING Self-Improvement Cycle: Preparation Contemplation Application 14 #


SELFLESS Cultivating an attitude of self-lessness: Be generous Avoid internal politics Display loyalty Value interdependence over independence 15 #


SOLUTION ORIENTED Principles in Finding Solutions: Problems are a matter of perspective . All problems are solvable Problems either stop us or stretch us 16 #


DETERMINED Giving all that you have , not more than you have Working on determination, not waiting on destiny Quitting when job is done, not when you’re tired 17 #

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