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Scarlet Scars:

Scarlet Scars By:Felessia N.B. (sobriquet: Ingénue) Excerpts


BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. A BEAUTY UNPARALLEL The beauty of a rose The beauty in a drop of rain Unparalleled is the beauty of my tears From the soul its source runs deep Birth by the spirit, nurtured by the whole being When shed it captures the heart Encoded by unwritten symbols It's meaning never by man to be understood The medium directly in tuned to the heart of God only he sees truth Mortal eyes see only the trails of fallen tears Whose journey never charted ends with no essence The beauty of a rose The beauty in a drop of rain Unparallel is the beauty of my tears Fallen from the face of innocence Fallen from the face of pain Fallen from the face of an angel


BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. BEHIND THE VEIL Inspired by CNN special report: “Beneath the Veil” I am scorned! Birth to a nation …Afghanistan by name I remain the symbol of a wife: fertility, motherhood, But with no honor By nature I am called woman By man I am the subject of blackguard My strength given by the highest being enervated daily Turmoil shapes my sunrise and death my sunsets Defiled my virtue and innocence By a role too quickly assumed No choice, no freedom, no voice Burning flesh… my protest! Fall on deaf ears, no glimpse, the blind yet seeing eyes My struggle has no consolation Written a new system of governance Yet not stirred the fundamental holds Equality!!! What irony… for bellow slaves a class I am not Yet I am such adorned Arrayed in peasant like raiment I am veiled


BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. BITTERNESS Nectar of hate Consumed in roaming thoughts Invasions of concealed memoirs Tears wept in agony Fuels the sinister fiend Bondage of flesh Keys of the mind lie hidden beneath the waste of chaos Limpid soul faces debauchery Arbitrary confinement Misery rips, tears, shreds Fabrics of consolation Sown with the threads of hope Arrayed in the guise of composure Is the truth: Feeble self reflection Self pity, acts of mere indolent fool My own disdain at elusive dreams Twisted, Tarnished, Trampled, Torn


BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. Cardiac Arrest She stands in the darkness, an oust flame Flicker the last glimpse of light, of freedom, of her return. Shivers, the flesh trembles... her composure as fragile as the ascertainment of perfection with the stroke of a brush, Bruised the broken lamb no longer weeps from the agony of her wounds. Gasping for a breath of air, to give her a calming consolation: life: her pain, unspoken distress. She mirrors the reflection of every success, yet the image you see amplifies her failure. She the vixen self made, ambition equal to the deepest scorn of disdain, weakened soul, she pours the acidic  liquid of her tears scorching the flesh, her flesh that mask a vile despotic creature, yet it hopes for beauty in the eyes of one. Why must I be torn apart? Rendered not fit for life? I tell you! I stand torn betwixt two realities, two hells as it may, the one I live and the one I seek whole heartedly to avoid. Delusional! I too dream: A psychotic drama of a heaven, a hell, and the land that lies between.


BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. POLITICS (2008) Capitalism spawned corruption Industrial advancement drives the machine of exploitation Forgotten values now latent our civic creeds Thriving our self absorbed natures Instinctual drive for survival justifies callous debauchery Humanist tactics, acts of treason! Checks and Balances bureaucracy ideally defined Patriotic embellishment: increased voter turnout, Disparate district lines. Representation partial Recessive economic times Freddie Mac/ Fanny Mae, AIG Financial meltdown grandeur Corporate greed or inaptitude? Rivalry fueled partisanship November 4th , 2008, Democracy’s finest hour! Simplicity never so golden Yes we can! Resonates beyond the limits of time Yet Change has yet to be seen May this nation rise? It dissidents truly aroused Evoked more than passive acceptance of social contracts, and Laws Have the Founders been pleased? The Land of Liberty: America is she the beacon she was birth to be… The answer resides not in the present but in her entire history

BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. Fueled by current events and passion.:

BROKEN ROSE POETRY INC. Fueled by current events and passion. Scarlet Scars is the product of a childhood passion that has not waned with the increasing years of my life. It is an eclectic anthology of poems that explores emotions, love, lost, sorrow, hope; a work that also possesses unique banter on political issues, world wide events, and tragedy. I aspire to inspire though I must admit there is more anguish and inner turmoil written in these pages than beacons of comfort from which one may cling.   I’m Ingénue, (a sobriquet of four years) by birth: a name I hope you’re soon to know. I’m a humble character, but with a pen I aspire to be the living legacy of my predecessors, a creative force of her history. I come endowed with the talents that flow through my veins from the forefathers and mothers Phillis Wheatley, W.E.B. Dubious, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and Langston Hughes. Hear her voice loud and clear she is silenced no more; my current declaration. I’m a former University of Florida student, a junior political science major, who has fell through some rather difficult times prematurely ending my tenure as a student. I hope that with this publication I may garner an avenue to change the course of my life for the better.     My poetry mirrors my experiences in life, the task of writing I've been engaged in for over 10 years. I have published poems in the International library of Poetry (ILP) "The International Who’s Who in Poetry” anthology, and "Immortal Verses", as well as Noble House- "Favourite Memories". I create works that aim to parallel the great poets of old English while cultivating a finesse of current contemporary flair. A young adult of 25 years I pride myself of natural talent as I've not received formal training in the art of writing Poetry. This by far a succinct glimpse as to who I am, see works for the vivid reflection.   The intended market for this book would be teenage consumers as well as young adults.


SUPPORT/INVEST “SCARLET SCARS” HAS GRACED THE DESKS OF A FEW PUBLISHING COMPANIES IN THE UNITED STATES. My most viable option is Dorrance or Xlbris Publishing. Please consider being a supporter and/or investor. Send an email to or for more information.


THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME ! Sincerely Ingénue Felessia N. Blackwood

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