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This document is shared by Import Letter of Credit, the Bank Instruments Providers in Dubai. This conveys their recent success on helping a Thailand buyer to import sugar from Brazil by facilitating Bank Comfort Letter. To know the full story, visit https://importletterofcredit.com/swift-mt799/ To avail BCL MT799, submit your requirements to us via email: support@importletterofcredit.com. You can also call us @ +971-4-5519699 or WhatsApp/BOTIM: +971-50-4648761. We are always available to assist you with all your trade finance needs.


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Bronze W ing Trading’s Success in Providing Bank Comfort Letter – Swift MT799 for Sugar ICUMSA 45 Deal Presented by www.importletterofcredit.com

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A Thailand buyer required Bank Comfort Letter – Swift MT799 on behalf of their company to prove their financial capability to their supplier to import bulk quantity of sugar . Bronze Wing Trading the trade finance providers in Dubai facilitated Bank Comfort Letter from rated bank account without blocking their working capital. The Client Synopsis Problem Challenge Solution Contract Signed Between Both Parties

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As a part of expanding their business a Thailand buyer decided to import Sugar ICUMSA 45 from a reliable supplier and then supply it to the local market to earn profits. So they started searching for a supplier who can provide the required quantity of sugar at the very affordable price. From Alibaba the B2B Portal the buyer found a supplier from Brazil. The Brazilian Supplier was ready to supply 25000 MT of Sugar ICUMSA 45 per month but before signing the contract they wanted to see the financial capability of the buyer . So they asked the buyer to provide Bank Comfort Letter – BCL MT799. Problem: The Client Required Bank Comfort Letter

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Due to economy recession many banks are saying “NO” to their client’s for their trade finance requirements. The buyer’s BCL request was also rejected by their bank as the client don’t have enough cash funds to maintain the margin amount of their bank account to get BCL MT799 on behalf of their company . Since the Sugar import deal seems to be the worthy one the buyer started searching for the ways to avail BCL MT799 from private trade finance providers. Challenge: How to Avail BCL MT799 without Blocking Cash Funds

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Our team discussed with the client and understood their requirements. Then we asked them to send an email along with the proforma offer of their trade deal. Since the client met all our parameters we approved their request. Then we asked them to sign the service agreement to pay the service charges. Once it was done we blocked our bank limit and structured the BCL draft sent it for their approval. After the BCL draft approval BCL issuance fee received we requested our bank to issue the required BCL to the Brazil supplier’s bank account via Swift MT799. Solution: Bronze Wing Provided BCL MT799

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After receiving the BCL MT799 on behalf of the buyer the Supplier found that the buyer has the financial ability to purchase bulk quantity of Sugar . Final Result: “The Supplier The buyer Signed the Contract of Sugar ICUMSA 45 Import Deal” Read the Full Story Final Outcome: Contract Signed Between Both Parties

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Prove Y our Financial Capability to Y our Supplier W ith Bank Comfort Letter W e Provide BCL MT799 From Rated Banks No Need to Block Y our W orking Capital Apply Now Avail Bank Comfort Letter Swift MT799 From Us

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