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This document is shared by Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai. This is to announce their recent success on helping a Moroccan trader to get DLC at Sight for their Used Rails Scrap with a South African Supplier. To read the full story, visit https://importletterofcredit.com/dlc-at-sight To avail Letter of Credit – DLC MT700 to conclude your imports, contact us today! For more info, write to us: support@importletterofcredit.com or call us @ +971-4-5519699


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Case Study:

Case Study Bronze Wing Trading Issued DLC at Sight On Behalf of Moroccan Trader to Import Used Rail Scraps Presented by, www.importletterofcredit.com

Our Success Story:

Our Success Story Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai successfully facilitated DLC at Sight on behalf of a Moroccan Trader to import Used Rail Scrap from South Africa .

The Client’s Requirement :

The Client’s Requirement The Moroccan trader required 10000MT of South African Origin Used Rail Scrap to expand the product line in their factory. They found a supplier who was ready to supply the required quantity of scrap under the payment term – DLC at Sight. So , the buyer required to avail DLC at Sight on behalf of their company and in favor of their supplier.

The Client’s Challenge:

The Client’s Challenge The Client contacted their bank with the LC request. But the bank declined their request, as the client didn’t meet the banking terms. So, they started looking for trade finance providers who can provide the required LC without cash margin. Finally, they found us on Google and submitted their request to us via our Online Form.

Our Solution :

Our Solution Our team studied the Client’s requirement carefully & approved their request. After that, the client signed the service agreement and paid the service charges. Then, we started working on their transaction and sent the LC draft for their approval. The Client approved the draft, paid the LC issuance fee charges, and provided the documents related to their trade deal. Finally, we instructed our bank to issue the DLC at Sight on behalf of the buyer and in favor of the supplier from our bank account.

Deal Concluded With the Issued DLC at Sight :

Deal Concluded With the Issued DLC at Sight After receiving the DLC at Sight in their favor, the supplier started the shipment of the required quantity of Used Rail Scrap to the buyer’s destination port. Read the Full Story


Avail Letter of Credit from Us We, the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai provide LC at Sight – LC MT700 on behalf of importers from our rated bank accounts .


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