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Bank Comfort Letter or BCL MT799 is issued by a bank on behalf of buyers to assure the seller that the buyer has enough funds to complete the deal. Do you require Bank Comfort Letter to show your financial capability to your supplier? Contact Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. today! We provide Bank Comfort Letter on behalf of your company without availing any cash margin or hidden fees. To avail Bank Comfort Letter from us, send us your requirements to: or visit


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Send Us Your Requirement to: or Visit Get ready to prove your financial worth to your supplier by providing Bank Comfort Letter on behalf of your company Now at Bronze Wing Trading we facilitate Bank Comfort Letter from rated banks without obtaining any cash margin. A Bank Comfort Letter or BCL MT799 is a letter of confirmation issued by a bank on behalf of their client. This letter assures that the buyer is financially capable and having enough funds to conclude the deal. BCL MT799 is mostly used in huge commodity contracts where the supplier would like to get assured of the financial capability of the buyer. BCL MT799 is not a payment assurance rather it’s just a swift message that assures to the seller that the buyer has the necessary funds to close the deal. Once the seller’s bank received the BCL MT799 from the buyer’s bank they need to send POP Proof of Product to the buyer’s bank. And this states that the seller is ready to supply the goods/services as per the signed contract. Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. provides Bank Comfort Letter on behalf of buyers in favor of their suppliers to assure the buyer’s financial ability to conclude the deal. Usually we do not require any financial collateral or third party assurance to facilitate Bank Comfort Letter on behalf of your company. Step 1: The buyer submit their BCL request to us by providing ICPO FCO or a SPA. Step 2: Our team analyzes their trade deal find out whether they are eligible to proceed further or not. Step 3: If they are eligible we will approve their request ask them to sign a service agreement with us and to pay the admin charges to proceed further. Step 4: Once they sign the agreement paid the admin charges we will block our bank limit provide the BCL draft for their approval. Step 5: Hereby we ask them to review the BCL draft to provide the related documents to pay the BCL issuance fee charges. Step 6: Once we receive the BCL draft approval issuance fee charges from the buyer we will ask our bank to issue BCL MT799 to the supplier’s bank account. Step 7: After receiving BCL MT799 the seller will forward the Proof of Product POP to the buyer’s bank the deal continues to begin. Get a Financial Capability Letter on Behalf of Your Company to Avail Worthy Contracts Deals from Suppliers Avail BCL MT799 Within 48 Working Hours No Cash Margin No Third Party Assurance Apply Now Apply for Bank Comfort Letter Now Get BCL MT799 within 48 Hrs

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