101 of Lasers – The Highlight of Cosmetology Courses

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Undertaking cosmetology courses under experts can give professionals a new turn in their career. Such a course has a highlight in the form of laser training.


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101 of Lasers – The Highlight of Cosmetology Courses Cosmetic lasers have been in the industry for long but haven’t had gained prominence till the time looking groomed and proper at all times was essential. Various cosmetology courses all over the world are incorporating the basic and advanced study of lasers in their schedule to get budding cosmetologists acquainted with the use of the device. This blog would touch upon the importance of laser and how is it connected to cosmetology.

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What is the True Definition of a LASER Broadly speaking a laser is a device that is known to emit light through a method called optical amplification. “Laser” stands for the phrase “Light amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” With the help of lasers one can cut burn and even destroy tissues to further cure a condition. The first laser a CO2 version was seen in the market back in the mid-1960s from where it was adapted for cosmetic use. The early versions of such lasers were used to target tissues that had a particular light wavelength. It was used to target the damaged skin cells present on the surface and also clean the face off wrinkles. Cosmetology and Laser – The Connection Cosmetology as we all know is a study of the application of beauty treatment. The branches that fall under cosmetology include skincare and hair removal both of which are performed with lasers for optimum results. These devices are used for a broad range of cosmetic procedures. Uneven pigmentation wrinkles acne anti-ageing skin tightening and the likes are top procedures conducted with laser devices. Knowing how to perform these treatments with the help of laser devices requires specific training which is best taught at reputable institutes that cover cosmetology as a subject. The Use of Lasers in Cosmetology Some of the best uses of lasers in cosmetology treatment are: 1. Hair Reduction: Here the concentrated light beams focus on the hair follicles to destroy them and their capability to grow new hair. 2. Pigmented Skin Lesions: In this process the lasers focus on the melanin of the skin to break the dark pigmentation apart. 3. Anti-Ageing: Lasers typically are fired inside the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. When this happens the ageing would automatically start to minimize.

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A few other treatments where lasers are used include the process of skin tightening vascular skin lesions active acne and skin polishing. Why is IICSAM the Best Institute for Such a Course It is always suggested that you as a professional go through rigorous training under experts in the field to get a good grasp on the subject. The International Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine located at Agra is a centre that provides hands-on training on the subject. The course is run by Dr Preeti Saraswat Clinical Cosmetologist from the German University of Greifswald following which she has pursued a career in the field. Her years of training on the subject and practice make her the perfect trainer under whom one can learn cosmetology. The course at IICSAM is open for professionals who have passed MBBS BHMS BAMS BDS or above. Covered throughout three-days this hands-on training on the subject is divided into parts each with a live demonstration on a patient. The best part of such a course from IICSAM is the small batches the professionals are taught in. The three-days cover topics such as cutaneous peels fillers lasers thermage Microdermabrasion Platelet-Rich-Plasma and warts removal. Conclusion: Cosmetology has become one of the most promising careers for professionals who want to take up a specialization in the field of aesthetic medicine. Should you want to know more about cosmetology courses and book yourself a seat at IICSAM get in touch with the institute by dialling +91- 9149112892 or sending an e-mail to iicsamagragmail.com. Source: https://sites.google.com/view/iicsam/blog/101-of-lasers-the- highlight-of-cosmetology-courses IICSAM Email ID: iicsamagragmail.com

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