A Comprehensive Guide on Popular Aesthetic Medicine Courses

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Aesthetic medicine courses by reputable institutions include both the basic and advanced treatment modules used under the method for a broad range of conditions. Read our blog to know more: https://bit.ly/2xHu8La


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A Comprehensive Guide on Popular Aesthetic Medicine Courses The twenty-frst century is all about the variety of techniques used for treating various conditions and aesthetic medicine is one of the most popular ways out. This has given rise to the number of aestheticians and further admission to the best aesthetic medicine courses at top-rated institutes. Reputable institutes like the International Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine IICSAM provide a three-days long course to learn about everything there is to know about aesthetic medicine along with a hands-on demonstration of the same.

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But frst what is aesthetic medicine Aesthetic medicine is a term used for focusing on treatments related to the cosmetic appearance of scars wrinkles liver spots skin laxity cellulite skin discolouration spider veins and unwanted hair among others. The broad range of aesthetic medicine treatments includes both surgical and non-surgical options. At times aestheticians are also known to practise a combination of both these procedures for best results. What are the treatment options found in the subject Since aesthetic medicine as a medical scope includes both surgical practices and dermatological ones it covers a wide range of treatment options. Some of the most common treatments under aesthetic medicine are: 1. Non-Invasive Procedures- These include treatments used for boosting the physical appearance of a person without any need of surgery or even local anaesthesia. The best examples of such procedures are skin tightening chemical peeling hair and tattoo removal photorejuvenation acne scars and the likes. This is performed through dermal fllers or microdermabrasion. 2. Surgery- As an in-depth procedure performed on the body the main aim of a physical surgery is to enhance the appearance. Talking about popular surgical options for aesthetic medicine we come across treatments such as tummy tuck or liposuction. Aestheticians make use of the latest technology to ensure that each patient gets the best results without any side-efects. 3. Reconstructive Surgery- This kind of aesthetic treatment depends mostly on the appearance of a part of the body which has been damaged by trauma or disease. Reconstructive surgery can also improve the function of a body part but there remains no guarantee of the same. The two popular Aesthetic Medicine treatments Among the diverse aesthetic medicine treatment options there are two which has earned immense popularity and demand. They are laser treatments and Platelet-Rich-Plasma PRP. Lasers can be used for several conditions. Some of them include unwanted body hair removal skin resurfacing rejuvenation acne scars anti-ageing vascular skin lesions skin tightening and tattoo removal. The aesthetic medicine training given in institutions mentions the various types of laser devices suitable for treating each of these conditions. Traditional laser devices used for treating such conditions are Nd: YAG and CO2.

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Platelet-rich-plasma PRP promotes healing upon injecting. The plasma of your blood carries unique protein or factors which helps your blood to clot. Increasing cell growth PRP is platelet high plasma that is concentrated to make a treatment option. What are the topics covered under aesthetic medicine training Institutions like the IICSAM provide a three-days long crash course with two seats in every month for candidates who have crossed their MBBS BDS BHMS or BAMS. Such a course includes a hands-on demonstration along with lectures and a live demonstration on the subject. Topics covered include botox fllers skin polishing cutaneous peels basics of lasers HIFU RF micro-needling thermage acne management PRP Mesotherapy derma rollers and warts removal among others. The course is presided over by doctors who are diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Mentored by experts such as Dr Preeti Saraswat PGDCC and Dr Satya Saraswat MBBS MS MCh and DNB all the intricacies of clinical cosmetology are touched upon the course. Conclusion: The International Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine IICSAM based in Agra is one of the most popular training institutions that provide aesthetic medicine courses to candidates. Should you want to know more about the training or apply for the same get in touch with IICSAM by dialling +91-9149112892 or send an e-mail to iicsamagragmail.com. Source: https://www.iicsam.com/blog/guide-aesthetic-medicine-courses/ ----------------------------------- IICSAM Email ID: iicsamagragmail.com Phone No.: +91-9149112892 Visit Us: https://www.iicsam.com/ Stay Connected Via:

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