Is Trichology Training Effective to Treat Patients?

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Undertaking trichology training from leading institutes can act as a huge step ahead in securing the career of medical professional for the future. Read our blog to know more:


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Is Trichology Training Efective to Treat Patients Several factors starting from pollution to stress genetics and the side efects of medicines may contribute to gradual hair loss and lead to baldness. Trichology is a medical term for the study of all scalp and hair related problems. A Trichologist is a doctor who specialises in various hair loss issues including baldness hair breakage itchy/faky scalp etc. Given the increasing number of patients with the problem not only would Trichology training open a potential career option for you but it would also allow you to give solutions to the problem. An interesting point about trichology courses is you can opt for a certifcation course on the same right after MBBS BAMS BHMS BDS and above.

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What is a Trichology treatment and who requires it Trichology as mentioned above is the specialization in scalp and hair problems. The Trichologist run tests to come to a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment to the patient. The kind of medications suggested by Trichologists includes topical and oral medications. The processes used in the Trichology treatment involves solving the problem from the root so it can initiate natural regrowth of the hair and not just treat the hair fall. Trichology training can be undertaken by medical professionals who have crossed either their MBBS BDS BAMS BHMS and above and the professionals can further treat patients sufering from: 1. Trichotillomania 2. Oily Scalp 3. Alopecia 4. Hair Breakage 5. Hair Loss 6. Flaky Scalp What’s the diference between Trichology and Dermatology The two most popular experts sought for problems related to the hair and the scalp are dermatologists and Trichologists. Having said so you must keep in mind the fact that both these professions are unique in their own right and have their diferences. The frst and foremost diference between them is that Trichology focuses only on the hair and scalp while Dermatology includes the malignant and benign disorders of the nails hair and the skin. If a patient visits a dermatologist for a problem he or she is facing for the scalp the doctor might ask for the symptoms but not carry on a full examination. Trichologists on the other hand deal with a broader range of treatment options such as nutritional supplementation and low-level laser therapy for the all-round cure of a patient. Trichology courses at reputed places like the International Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine presided over by experts in the feld teach you with all the intricacies to be faced on-the-job. What will you learn in a Trichology training course An all-inclusive Trichology training would cover the treatment of all pointers as mentioned below: 1. Dermarollers 2. Trichoscopy

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3. PRP 4. Dermapens 5. Medical Management 6. Laser The day-long certifcate Trichology courses at IICSAM cover all these factors and follows it up with a hands-on demonstration on a real-life patient for better understanding of the topic. The specialists who sit over the course and hand-hold all the students through it Dr Preeti Saraswat and Dr Satya Saraswat are certifed diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ABHRS and other international boards. The years of experience that the doctors have in the feld is enormous making sure that they are the best for ofering the Trichology training. Once you have completed the Trichology course and obtained a certifcation of the same you can work at diagnostic centres hospitals hairdressing salons private clinics and even health care centres. As a Trichologist if you earn enough experience in the feld you can also start practising at your chamber. Conclusion: Hair and such problems are becoming all the more prevalent all thanks to the contemporary lifestyle. This has also raised the demand of Trichologists. If you want a stable career in the feld you

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can opt for the Trichology training ofered by IICSAM. Should you want to know more get in touch by dialling +91 9149112892. Source: efective-to-treat-patients ----------------------------------- IICSAM Email ID: Phone No.: +91-9149112892 Visit Us: Stay Connected Via:

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