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What to expect… tips and advice COLLEGE LIFE

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Don’t Get Distracted Professors/Advisors Books Registering for Classes Dorm Life Roommates Finances Presentation Outline

Number 1 Rule: Stay Focused!!:

Number 1 Rule: Stay Focused!! You’re there for a reason—stay on the course. Parties Relationships Friends (peer pressure) (ALL DISTRACTIONS) Learn GOOD time management skills (handout) MUST give yourself free time; don’t get too overwhelmed

Know your advisors:

Know your advisors Keep your advisor in the loop on your educational goals Advisors can help guide your schedule on the right track Advisors also have first-hand knowledge of scholarships that might suit your major and qualifications

Get to know your professors:

Get to know your professors Don’t have to “suck-up,” but they should know you by name, especially in a large school Professors may be more partial to you if they know who you are This helps if your grade is on the bubble They write your scholarship and job references!!!!!!!!!!

Registering for classes:

Registering for classes First two years of college are usually covering the basics: English, foreign language, math, history, etc If you are unsure of what you want to major in, take the prerequisites for the first two years—classes that you need to graduate no matter what Take those two years to narrow down where you want to concentrate your major in, so you can take those classes junior and senior year

Dorm Life:

Dorm Life Stress and adventure Have patience Compromise The library is your friend There are some advantages to living in the dorms vs. off campus: You can walk to class You have less chance of being late Everyone around you is doing the same thing: going to school


Roommates You may get lucky and have a great roommate with whom you are compatible You may not be so lucky and have a roommate you are not compatible with Big Macs & chicken wings vs. Vegan South vs. East Coast Mike Jones vs. Tim McGraw

Roommates: How to deal:

Roommates: How to deal 1. COMMUNICATE!! As the year goes by, you may get really annoyed with the other person Don’t be afraid to speak up. Keeping irritation bottled up will only make matters worse and may affect your studies. You will feel much better when you bring it up, and your relationship with your roommate will be healthier. Ask the RA for advice/mediation if need be

Roommates: How to deal :

Roommates: How to deal 2. Establish rules to live by (with tact) Draw up a contract between you and your roommate that sets down rules about anything from whether or not to have music on while studying to whether it's okay for significant others to spend the night. Setting up these guidelines at the start helps pave the road to a healthy relationship with your roommate. Sit down with your roomie and brainstorm about possible trouble spots. Be honest. Let your roommate know your little quirks so that they don't come as a big surprise mid-semester.

Roommates: How to Deal:

Roommates: How to Deal 3. Stay flexible It’s not your job to fix anyone else, and it helps to recognize that no one is perfect. Be willing to look at your own behavior. Consider what you could be doing differently to help the situation instead of only blaming your roommate.

Roommates: How to deal:

Roommates: How to deal 4. Consider the positives Think of what you can gain by living with your opposite If you’re shy, being around an outgoing person may force you out of your shell. One person’s strengths may make up for the other’s weaknesses.

Roommates: Your friends:

Roommates: Your friends Are you sure you want to room with your friends? Be sure that you know that person’s LIVING habits. Just because they’re fun to hang with doesn’t mean they’re cool to live with

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Resist temptation! The lure of an unlimited supply of hamburgers and soft-serve ice cream can have catastrophic effects on your health and your waistline. These days, it is very uncommon to find a dining hall that doesn't offer vegetarian and low-fat options to students.


FINANCES Separate wants from needs Pay yourself first Make a list of bills/expenses (cell, phone, cable, car note, car insurance, rent) Stay away from credit cards College goes by FAST Prepare yourself financially for life as a working adult One last point: watch out for parking tickets

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