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Students at Camden School for Girls in London, UK, have worked hard to achieve Eco Schools Status at the bronze award level


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Camden Schoolfor GirlsEco School: Bronze : 

Camden Schoolfor GirlsEco School: Bronze

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Camden School for Girls has been awarded the Bronze Eco Schools Award. This is how…

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There are 7 criteria we had to meet to get Bronze.

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1. Identify an action team ü

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Here is our action team: (busy planning)

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2. Meet at least twice ü

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We met every week between February and May. (About 10 times)

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3. Carry out an environmental review ü

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Here it is: KEY: Doing well So-so Must do better

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Our focus areas were: Litter Waste Water School grounds Biodiversity Transport Energy Healthy living Global perspective

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4. Produce a basic action plan ü

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So we did 

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5. Make progress on the action plan ü

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We did that too… Get kitchen waste and staff room teabags onto the school compost heap Develop a wildlife area Develop a kitchen garden Begin recycling paper cups from the coffee machine in the 6th form common room Begin composting tea bags and fruit peels in the 6th form common room ü ü ü ü ü

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And here are some photos to prove it…

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6th form compost bin

Slide 17: 

Birdbath 1

Slide 18: 

Birdbath 2

Slide 19: 

Vegetable patch (in progress)

Slide 20: 

School compost heap

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6. Cover environmental issues in curriculum work ü

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Environmental issues are covered in geography, science and citizenship

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7. Get a noticeboard, webpage, newsletter ü

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We have a noticeboard We’ve written in the newsletter And even published on the CSfG website

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So there you have it… We are aBronze Eco School!

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Next year, we will be working hard to get the Silver Award

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And we’ll need your help.

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If you’re interested in being involved see Ms Butler

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Thanks to:

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Dolly Theis

Slide 32: 

Grace Quinn

Slide 33: 

Kessia Hammet

Slide 34: 

Anna Babic

Slide 35: 

Rebecca Seglow-Hudson

Slide 36: 

Ms Bayliss

Slide 37: 

Ms Blasberg

Slide 38: 

Ms Butler

Slide 39: 

Mr French

Slide 40: 

Mr Doyland

Slide 41: 

Mr O’Kane

Slide 42: 

Bruno Reddy (Mr Greeny)

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This is the end… the 5 minute presentation will now start from the beginning 

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