Applying for Pathology Residency in the USA


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A description about applying to a Pathology Residency in the US, for IMG's and about Pathology as a field in general.


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Applying for Pathology Residency in the USA:

Applying for Pathology Residency in the USA Dr. Hoda Z. M. Amer, MD, FCAP 1/18/2012

What is pathology? What is the residency set up in the USA?:

What is pathology? What is the residency set up in the USA? The "study of disease.“ All about Diagnosis. What? Where? How? Most residencies in the US are AP/CP – 4yrs Anatomic Pathology Surgical Pathology, Neuropathology, Dermatopathology, Forensic Pathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology, Pediatric Pathology Clinical Pathology Chemistry, Blood Banking, Hematology, Microbiology, etc. AP-only track- 3yrs CP-only track- 3 yrs AP+ subspecialty (i.e.. Forensic, Neuropathology) 5 years


AP Surgical Pathology Clinical history Radiology Operative history Gross examination of the specimen Send to Flow, Molecular, cytogenetics Proper dissection of specimen, including margins Microscopy Immunohistochemistry Frozen section (margins, diagnostic, transplant)

Example of a case:

Example of a case 4 year old Male

Intra operative “smear”:

Intra operative “smear”



Immunohistochemistry Synaptophysin:

Immunohistochemistry Synaptophysin



MIB-1 Proliferation Index:

MIB-1 Proliferation Index

Neg. stains:

Neg. stains GFAP EMA p53 INI-1 (positive ) FISH/cytogenetics N-myc


Diagnosis Posterior Fossa Tumor, biopsy: Medulloblastoma, Classic, WHO Grade IV

How to prepare during college/internship?:

How to prepare during college/internship? Rotations Pathology Radiology Surgery Dermatology Oncology

How to prepare your application:

How to prepare your application CV No gaps Observerships Rotations Research Personal statement Why did you choose pathology? Interesting cases that affected your decision Something interesting about you Why this residency program in particular

PowerPoint Presentation:

LOR Not necessarily US based, though that is helpful Sincere description of you: hard working, nice person ERAS Apply early Choose programs

How to choose a residency program to apply to?:

How to choose a residency program to apply to? FRIEDA Website of program Location IMG friendly cities/states (NYC, Chicago, NJ, MI) Scores 3 tier system, where do you fit? University/ Community University with rotations in Community/VA hospitals/ Community Programs with University affiliations

Things to look for in a residency Program:

Things to look for in a residency Program Number of specimens Variety of Specimens Number of work hours Diversity of faculty and their specialties Atmosphere Training Research opportunities/publications Fellowships

PowerPoint Presentation:

Work schedule 3 day rotations 1 st day Grossing 2 nd day Frozen Section 3 rd day Sign Out On call Weekend call (autopsy call) Rotations electives


Interview Follow proper interviewing skills (practice, practice, practice) Your chance to shine Can you do the work? Can you speak English? Are you a general nice person that will “fit” with their program? Keep your eye open for red flags: residents leaving, they don’t let you meet the residents, general atmosphere, friendly, stressful Family friendly?

What’s after Residency?:

What’s after Residency? Board Exam: Fellowship Apply in 2 nd or 3 rd yr Some are very competitive and go fast, like dermpath AP, boarded Cytopathology Dermatopathology Forensic Pathology Neuropathology Pediatric Pathology

PowerPoint Presentation:

Fellowship, cont AP, cont, not boarded GU/GI/Breast Surgical/Oncopathology CP Bloodbanking/transfusion Chemical Pathology AP/CP Molecular Genetics Hematopathology Clinical Informatics


Academia University Hospital Publications Research Not particularly lucrative

Private Labs/Commercial labs:

Private Labs/Commercial labs Private Practice: group of many pathologists Or Commercial labs Pharmaceuticals

Community Based Practice:

Community Based Practice Community based Hospital Decent Lifestyle Not that lucrative Fairly stable VA/Military

Good luck!:

Good luck!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Egyptian Association for American training and Research ( and American Board Certified Doctors for Egypt and Associates

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