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HYDROMO is one of the leading water and wastewater management companies based in Hyderabad, specializing in the designs, production, and supply of several water treatment plants individually customized to suit your water requirements. We offer a scalable service covering single-sites through to large multi-projects, resolving customer requirements quickly and effectively to industry-certified standards.


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HYDROMO T he Futur e of Wa t er ...because water has no substitutes...

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COMPANY PROFILE We are one of the leading water and wastewater management companies based in Hyderabad specialising in the designs production and supply of several water treatment plants individually custom-made to suit your water requirements. We provide a complete vertically integrated range of services combined with an extensive range of state-of-the-art products processes and technologies that include micron ltration ultra-ltration system Nano ltration ltration for beverages and pharma industries water softening unit reverse osmosis plant sewage euent treatment plant etc. We oer a scalable service covering single-sites through to large multi-projects resolving customer require- ments quickly and eectively to industry-certied standards. Our years of experience has given us a broad range of knowledge of the dierent processes and equipment used for diering purposes. This means our clients can rely on the correct selection and sizing of equipment for their application. In addition to our technical expertise we have experienced project management and instal- lation teams with many years of experience in delivering projects as per the client requirement and conveni- ence.

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WHA T WE DO From process selection and design civil construction guidance mechanical and electrical equipment installation commissioning and maintenance we are able to meet all the needs for water and wastewater treatment plants. This allows us to be a “one-stop-shop” for potable industrial commercial and domestic clients reducing the number of interfaces as well as oering practical and cost eective overall solutions. Backed by a talented team of professionals who are specialized in the eld of biotechnology chemical engineering wastewater designs and advanced engineering solutions Hydromo specializes in developing only state-of-the-art products which are manufactured to meet global standards and are better suited to relatively severe water conditions. We oer various services to assist our customers from project planning stage to the commissioning of the project. Our Consulting services include: Counselling and expert advice on viability of the projects. Project report detailed project plan. Design of project layout. Detailed technical specications of various machines and other utilities required. Various options in machinery. Delivery of various machines to the project site. Installation testing and commissioning of machines. Fine- tuning and commencement of commercial production. Post production counselling market information and feedback. CONSUL TANCY

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PRODUCT RANGE Water Treatment Plants Sewage Treatment Plants Effluent Treatment Plants Swimming Pool Plants Reserve Osmosis Systems Ozone Generator Alkaline Water Units Domestic RO Units Softeners Sand Filters Carbon Filters Desalinization Plants De-Mineralization De- Lanization Plants Bottling Plants Blow Molding Machines Pressure Pumps SemiFully Automatic GlassCup Filling and Sealing Machines Pet Bottle Blowing Machines Fully Semi-Automatic Pouch Filling Machines Micron Filters Water Polishersbag Filters Aquaponics and Hydroponics water system Hydro Pneumatic Pumps

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Finding and sustaining a clean water supply for drinking and other purposes has always been a great challenge throughout human history. Today important technological advancements in water treatment including monitoring and assessment help ensure a safe drinking water supply of high quality. The source of water and its preliminary condition before being treated generally determines the water treatment process. WATER TREATMENT SYNOPSIS Primary treatment removes wastewater solids by sedimentation. During this treatment wastewater flows slowly through a tank allowing suspended particles that are heavier than water to settle to the bottom of the tank. From there the solids are pumped to digesters for stabilization. Secondary treatment is a biological treatment process involving oxidation sedim- entation of primary treated wastewater. It uses bacteria to remove approximately 90 to5 percent of the solids remaining from the primary treatment. Tertiary treatment involves coagulation flocculationclarification filtration and disinfection of secondary treated water. Finally at most waste water treatment plants scumand bio solids undergo significant treatment often through a process called anaerobic digestion. This includes heating material to 100+ degrees to break it down destroy pathogens. Other processes include composting and heat drying. Just as the earth’s water cycle continually recharges water water is repeatedly cleansed through numerous natural processes. For example solids settle at the bottom of water bodies and impurities are filtered out when water penetrates or seeps through rocks gravel or sand and back into groundwater soures. Likewise water treatment technology has been devel- oped to imitate nature’s cleansing process but at a quicker rate and with greater control over complete- ness and efficiency. Progressive treatment processes are used to reach the water quality levels necessary for the purposed usage. EFFECTIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN WATER TREATEMENT Drinking water is largely obtained by purifying gr -oundwater and surface water. This is done throug -h chemical or physical treatment processes and the setting of certain parameters such as the pH value and ion concentration. The type of treat- ment depen -ds on the quality of the raw water and is determined by the substances it contains and the substances to be removed. Energy con- sumption represents one of the biggest cost factors. Our smart products services and solutions help you to achieve transparency in terms of energy demand and to meaningfully reduce your costs.

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The process of removal of waste and contaminants from household sewage industries commercial institu- tional establishments toilets kitchens sinks etc. is termed as sewage treatment or sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment can also be called waste water treatment which includes euents from industries as well. The process involves physical chemical and biological methods to eliminate these contaminants and make environmentally safe treated euent. After the sewage is treated its by-product slurry called sewage sludge has to undergo various processes before making it suitable for land application. The sewage treatment plant is generally of three processes namely primary secondary and tertiary. PROCESS OF TREATING WASTE IN SEWAGE TREA TMENT PLANT Primary treatment: In this treatment the sewage is temporarily held by a basin so that heavy solid substances can accu- mulate at the bottom while lighter uids like oil grease etc. can oat on the surface. Secondary treatment: In this treatment the dissolved and suspended organic matter is evicted. The secondary treatment is carried out by native water- borne organisms that are man- aged in a particular habitat. Tertiary treatment: The water in this process is treated more than that in the other two processes because this water will be allowed into a sensitive ecosys- tem. This water is sometimes disinfected physically or chemical- ly before they are ejected into the stream lagoon river or wetland or even used for the purpose of irrigating green way golf course or parks. Apart from the conventional three processes of sewage treatment many other treatments are under- taken to further eradicate the pollutant from the water such as ltration biological nutrient removal nitrogen removal etc. REUSE With proper technology we can make use of this sewage effluent for drinking purpose although this is done in places where there is a limited supply of water. Treated waste water in arid countries is usually used for agriculture. The wetlands that are constructed and are fed by the treated waste water are good for the both the habitat and treatment for the flora and fauna. The waste water contains such nutrients that are good for the fish farms and agriculture.

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Reverse Osmosis is a process found in all biological systems and results in water from a diluted solution passing spontaneously through a semi-permeable membrane onto a more concentrated solution on the other side releasing energy in the process. This is counterproductive to the requirements of desalination where in fact we require the reverse to occur i.e. we need fresh water to pass out of the concentrated solution to accumulate on the other side of the membrane where we collect and utilize it. A reversed process of this type requires the input of energy. One such mechanism is called for obvious reasons Reverse Osmosis commonly abbreviated to R.O. Reverse Osmosis desalination is the most technologically and economical means to purify any saline water be it sea surface or bore water. Saline water is categorized as: Brackish - TDS 20000 ppm or Salt water – TDS 20000 ppm Whatever the application brackish or salt water a RO system is the most economical means of purifying. WHAT IS REVERSE OSMOSIS WHAT’S NEEDED Hydromo specialises in all aspects of RO systems and oers varying sized units to suit varied requirements: • Domestic/Commercial standard units: 3000 – 24000 litres per day • Custom built skid mounted or containerized: 24000 litres – 1000000 litres per day Chemica Hydromo exclusively uses international range of products. We utilize Genesys programming to accurately pre- scribe the best products required for the specic RO system that ensures longevity and maximum production. These products include antiscalants occulants biocides and cleaning chemicals.. CIP CLEANING Preventative maintenance to remove the fouling must occur periodically to the membranes to ensure their performance and longevity. The major scaling that will occur in your RO plant will be that of Calcium Carbonate and Silica. Removal is performed by what is termed a CIP Clean in Process function which uses an alkaline and acid wash and rinse to remove scale and fouling from the membrane wall.

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DISCOVER ALKALINE In a world full of health-hacks a confusion of workout ideas a multitude of diet plans and a plethora of sports and energy drinks maybe what everybody needs is to just relax and have some more water. After all aren’t we all mostly made up of around 60 water. So why not enhance that Hydromo provides premium enhanced alkaline water upgraded with electrolytes and minerals. It provides a more lasting solution for your body to adapt to a healthy and active lifestyle by simply drinking water. WHA T’S YOUR PH Simply put everything you eat or drink has a pH potential hydrogen level which measures on a scale of 0 to 14. The lower the pH of anything you consume the more Acidic it is. The higher the pH of any consumable the more Alkaline it is. Simple right SO WHY CARE ABOUT ALKALINE Well high Acidity levels are a major cause of bodily problems like weight-issues skin problems lack of vitality low energy levels etc. And with the popularity of processed foods and modern day “eat-sleep-work-repeat” routines acidic lifestyles are commonplace. Alkalinity being the opposite of acidity is thus the most natural solution to the aforementioned health prob- lems. Since 60 of the human body is water the most eective method of making alkalinity a part of your daily diet is to simply upgrade your drinking water with it. HOW DOES ALKALINE WATER HELP US Acidity Regulation It neutralizes the acid in your blood- stream and helps your body metab- olize nutrients more eectively improving your health drastically. Better Hydration It has micro-clusters of water mole- cules which are more readily absorbed at a cellular level allow- ing for the water that you drink to be more easily absorbed by the body. This results in super-hydra- tion. Detox Its superior micro-clustering abili- ty also makes it more eective in eliminating waste and breaking down fecal debris than ordinary water. This prevents constipation atulence and gastric problems. Healthier Skin It keeps the cells of the largest organ in the body well hydrated. This in turn contributes to the elasticity and rejuvenation of skin tissue. Energy Boost It greatly contributes in breaking down fatty acids and aids in diges- tion working as a natural appetite suppressant allowing you to feel refreshed without the intake of calories. Stronger Bones It helps to keep your joints and muscles well lubricated making motion and physical exercise much easier. And thereby people suer- ing from arthritis or frequent sprains will nd Alkaline a timely antidote.

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IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS IQMS has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of: ISO 9001 : 2015 The certificate is valid for the following scope of operation: Address: 05-332 Blk 175 BoonLay Drive Singapore - 640 175. Email: infoiqmsindia.in | Regd. 9-1-127/3A 43 SD Road Secunderabad – 500003 Telangana India. www.iqmsindia.in This is an accredited Certificate authorised for issued by American Independent Accreditation Board in accordance with ISO 17021:2006 “Conformity assessment-requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems. Certificate of Registration This is to certify that Quality Management System of Certificate Number: i 11300840 ssue No.: 01 Initial Registration Date 1st Surveillance Due 2nd Surveillance Due Revision No Issuing Date Validity Revision Date : : : : 15/07/2019 14/06/2020 14/06/2021 00 15/07/2019 14/07/2022 NA : : : Authorised Signatory: IQMS CER TIFICA TIONS PRIV ATE LIMITED ISO ISO ACCREDITACION ACCREDIT ACION HYDROMO 3RD FLOOR 302 APURUPA BDR 8-2-293/82/A/271 ROAD NO.10 JUBILEE HILLS HYDERABAD-500033 TELANGANA INDIA. . “Manufacturing Sales and Services of Water T reatment Equipment Allied Products.”

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TRUSTS AND FOUNDATIONS • Sri Sai Krishna Charitable Trust • Naandi Foundation • Water Net • Water Health • Maataram Foundation HOSPITALS • Apollo Hospital – Bangalore • B.B Cancer Hospital – Hyderabad • Liberty Hospital • Sri Harini Hospital • Metropolitan Hotel • Vijaya Hospital • Diabetic Clinic – Eluru • Garlapati Dental Hospital • Vuyyuru Govt. Hospital • Mahathma Gandhi Super Speciality Hospitals • Vedanta Hospital • Guntur Kidney Multispecialty Hospital. • CVR Hospitals - Guntur • Sravani Hospitals - Guntur • Dr. Anjireddy Multispecialty Hospital- Piduguralla • Kamineni Hospital L B Nagar Branch • Udbhava Hospital SOME OF OUR ELITE AND ESTEEMED CLIENTELE • Smt. Kalvakuntla Kavitha Garu Residency • Kalvakuntla Naveen Garu Residency • Kavuri Ravikumar Garu Residency • Lagadapati Sreedhar Garu Residency • Dr. Shiva Prasad Residency • Geetha Arts • Manoj Breeding Farms • Kalanikethan Silks Pvt Ltd • Bathous • Kulture • Vector Systems Pvt Ltd • Raja Architects • Chirag Design Studio HOTELS THEA TRES • Mini Hotels and Projects • Sweet Magic • Kamat Hotels • Murali Krishna Hotel – Nellore • Navarang Theater • Swagruha Foods • D. V Manor • 9th Avenue • Murali Fortune Park-Vijayawada • M5 Hotel • Tanami Inn Hotel • Food Republic • Metropolitan Hotel • M Hotel • Empire Hotel • Thyagi Inn- Hotels • 99 Unlimited Break Fast • Kuchipudi Pulao CLIENT LIST Hydromo has a strong and established customer base consisting some of the most reputed names in a large number of industries like Power Oil and Gas Steel Pharma Real Estate Healthcare Education Business lines like Sewage and Eu- ent Treatment STPETP etc. We have moved up the value chain and have developed capabilities to execute large sized projects for a wide range of industries from being small to medium sized projects executor. One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than 10000 worth of advertising. “ “

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COLLEGES SCHOOLS • SRK Engineering College • Master Minds • Narayana Colleges • Dhanekula Engineering College • VVIT College – Nambur • Nimra College of Engineering and Technology • Vuyyuru Govt. School • Punadhipadu Government School • Global Institute of Hotel Management • Vishvashanti School • Chaithanya Junior College • Kennedy Schools • Narayana Junior College • Usha Rama College • ZPH School Kankipadu • ZPH School Vuyyuru • CBR Academy of Sports and Education – Krishna Dst • Chetan Anand Badminton Academy Bollaram Branch GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS • Airport Gannavaram • BCCL Bharat Coking Coal Limited- Central Gov. • ECL Eastern Coalfeld Limited – Central Gov. • Punadhipadu Panchayat • Kadiyam Panchayat • Peddapuram Municipality • Yalamalkuduru Panchayat • KMV Projects Ltd • Jaygurupadu Panchayat • Kattamuru Panchayat REAL ESTATE • CK Convention STP • STPL Projects Pvt. Ltd. • Vaishnavi Constructions • Vishnu Builders • Siri Builders • Sai Constructions • Row Fin Constructions • Sri Sai Srinivasa Constructions • Sri Surya Constructions • Raghava Estates Properties Pvt. Ltd • Raja Rajeshwari Constructions • Rushi Infra STP • Yalamanchali Constructions • Surya Teja Constructions • Sri Aditya Infra Housing India Pvt. Ltd • Raicherla Realtors Private Limited • Vishnu Builders • Dharma Estate Pvt. Ltd. • Supra Builders • Sree Builders OTHERS • Aravindho Apartments • Brundhavan Apartments • Leela Krishna Dairy • Pavan Modows • Sri Sai Bhanu Casting • Sri Ganesh Traders • Sri Madhurya Projects Pvt. Ltd. • Sthankiya Holding Pvt. Ltd. • Sri Sri Apartment • Tataji Creative Heights Welfare Associations • Venkata Vaibhav Apartment • Villa Apartment • Vijaya Diary • Vijetha Projects Pvt. Ltd. • Velgaleru Village Plant . Yakamuru Timber Depot PACKAGED DRINKING PLANTS • Blu • Parle Agro • Mc Dowell’s Packaged Drinking Water Plant PHARMACEUTICALS • Dil Pharmaceuticals • Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical

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