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As an Insurance company, it is essential keeping your claim and risk assessment run smoothly at all times. It’s not an easy task to always manage negative findings and focus on the other goals like timeliness and pieces of evidence especially when every claim is a firefighting We can help with your claim management…


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Claim Management Staffing Workforce Resource Solutions To Bridge the Skill Gap Engage a Contingent / Virtual / Remote / Offshore Resource Hvantage Technologies Inc. 23463 Haynes St West hills Los Angeles California 91307

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Founders: Founded in 2011 by Neelesh Jain - serial entrepreneur in telecom real estate Locations: 2 offices in Indore India with 150 technology and operations team Expertise: Development Support Back Office Support Customer Support E- Commerce Management Support Offshore Outsourcing Support Services Domain Expertise: Healthcare Banking Finance IT Technology Internet Shared Economy and e-Commerce Lean Operating Model: Sales and support in US operations in India Clients:

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Overview of Contingent / Virtual / Remote / Offshore Solutions At any organization demand dependent work like seasonal employment paid internships freelance work contracts and temporary employment requires freelancers independent contractors consultants or other outsourced and non- permanent workers who are hired on a project basis can be termed as Contingent workers. A person or a group that is capable to provide administrative specific or innovative social help to clients remotely is labelled as Virtual Assistant or Virtual Office Partner. Off-site support providers which are located at some distant locations than the site but provide all support or assistance are Remote Assistants. They all are excluded from any benefits which are offered to a regular employee.

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Purpose In less than a decade businesses have spectacularly increased the involvement of Contingent/Virtual/Remote/Offshore resources exponentially as the hassle of rising labour expenses uncertainty in market expectations of employees and dissatisfaction despite great perks has grown unmanageable and therefore the involvement of a work force which will quickly adapt to plug conditions and shall not be a bearing responsibility has increased rapidly. Some business resources and functions are critical to an organization’s success and continued operations. Therefore it is essential that an organizations processes operate effectively without excessive interruption. Contingent/Virtual/Remote workforce supports this objective through their periodic involvement and flexible approach.

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Advantages • Freedom from payment during fluctuations • Freedom from tax liability reward bonus compensation and paid-offs • Work quality is assured since experts are arranged to manage the task • Infra stationery resource costs are saved • Borders doesn’t become a barrier • Greater Flexibility since we don’t have to retain them for long • Less investment since manpower is easily available in Indian economy

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Our Claims Management Offerings We can summarize your challenges. As an Insurance company it is essential keeping your claim and risk assessment run smoothly at all times. It’s not an easy task to always manage negative findings and focus on the other goals like timeliness and evidences especially when every claim is a firefighting. And that list of non-available officials disbursements and more number of claims just seems to be getting longer... We can help with your claim management… At Hvantage we can help relieving your disbursement headaches so you can escape daily chores and focus on more thus ensuring better profitability. • Trust us for records and verification • Consider us for bulk entries • Take our specialists to deal with new tools and changing technologies.

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Our Claims Management Offerings • Claims Examiners Adjusters • Underwriters • Account Managers Executives • Customer Service Representatives • Health Claims Processors/Examiners • Risk Managers • Administrative Professionals

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Our Scope Whether searching last-minute or on-demand worker for your expanding and industrious company can be a challenge — but that’s exactly where we step in. We are efficient in providing individuals and teams Resource Workforce Solutions that we offer are: • Freelancers on a À la carte basis • Consultants to drive processes better • Temporary Employees for certain period of time • Technical Support Assistance to provide technology based solutions • Development Support for all your mobile app/web app development • Start-up Staff to accelerate the growth of your new venture

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Our Scope Cntd.. • Part-Timers for short period regular tasks • Contractors to accomplish long/short terms tasks • Outsourced Workers paid and manged by a third party • W2 Employees paid hourly via staffing firms’ payroll • Offshore Staff to perform your business function • Customer Support Assistants to ensure your customers never feel unheeded • Virtual Assistants for tasks that do not require physical presence • Remote Resources working from distant location engaging managing through internet

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Why Us Hvantage Technologies is a Resource Workforce Provider with a vision to provide adept resources for our clients. We believe in cultivating relationships and deliver personalized experiences with the primary focus of providing experts in terms of calibrated and timely fulfilment. We provide the expertise stability and global resources to meet your specific needs and we are ready to work with you. Additional hampers in collaborating with us • We’re centrally based thus have access to a bigger data pool • Since we do not hail from a Metro Tier - 1 city thus our service costs are lesser with no compromise in the calibre.

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Why Us Cntd.. Our strategies are defined and structured and thus makes it easier to achieve timely fulfilment. Our steps of working are as follows: • RFP Request for Proposal • Proposal Presentation to the Client • Understanding Project/Requisites • Map Parameters • Start the quest for Experts • Gather Experts • Deliver your Resource/Workforce

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Appendix Major Industries We Serve Areas/Functions We Deliver In About Us Hvantage Capabilities Offshore Offices

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Major Industries We Serve • Education • Technology • Event Staff • Facilities Maintenance • Field Consumer Services • Healthcare Wellness • Hospitality • IT • E-Commerce • Communications • Transformation Growth • Legal Services • Manufacturing • Animation/Media/Publishing • Transportation Logistics • Internet • Travel Tourism

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Areas/Functions We Deliver In • Administrative • HR • Operations • Finance • Sales • Business Development • Technology Support • Virtual Assistance • Strategy • Merchandising • General Labour • Home Services • Personal Services • Collateral Development • Admin Assistance • Customer Support

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Areas/Functions We Deliver In Cntd.. • Audio/Visual • Competitor - Research Analytic Insight • Customer - Research Analytic Insight • Data - Research Analytic Insight • Market - Research Analytic Insight • Remote Resource • E-Commerce Management • Due Diligence • Writing • Translation • Project Management • Warehouse Operations • Security Services • Technical Support

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Krishna is an experienced technologist leader and entrepreneur. In his 20 years of career Krishna provided technology leadership at fortune companies like Bank of America. He started his technology company in 2011 which he merged with Hvantage in 2015. He is pursuing Executive MBA at USC and received Bachelor of Science from Devi Ahilya University Indore. Neelesh is an accomplished business leader with 20 years of experience in technology telecom real estate. He grew his telecom company DCNPL to 50 Million in 6 years and expanded operations across India and abroad. He founded Hvantage in 2011. He received his Engineering from Devi Ahilya University Indore. About Us Hvantage was formed in 2011 with focus in Finance Logistics e- Commerce and Mobile. Hvantage has over 100 passionate technologist and leaders providing web mobile enterprise data solutions to our customers. Hvantage has clients in USA France Singapore India with operations in India and USA. Neelesh Jain – President Krishna Baderia – CEO

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Product development and management Mobile Web Desktop Application Design and Development Technology Services Desktop and Infrastructure Support Technology Capabilities Analysis Development Quality delivered using Agile Process. Build Product management strategic alignment architecture assessment. Manage Continuous improvement product support training. Support Onsite creative team to design multi-platform dynamic effective user interfaces. Design

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24/7 operations support across three countries USA Onsite BrazilNear Shore and India Offshore High tech operations office in India Expertise in E-Commerce Logistics General Administration Accounting Desktop and Infrastructure Support Operations Capabilities We have carefully built a culture where customer is our first priority. Care We practice industry standard technology processes to secure your information. Security We provide competitive advantage to our customers with operational innovation and efficiency. Efficiency Our talented operations team is fluent in English trustworthy experienced in operational management execution. Talent

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Native mobile applications iOS Android Windows Dedicated onsite designers and developers. Faster time of market with existing tested mobile components to plug in. End to end development including deployment to app store. Mobile Capabilities Hvantage creates designs that reflect client’s outlook Design Using innovative ideas result-oriented implementations to develop successful digital strategy for your business Idea Meticulously thought out design development SEO E- Commerce and Back Office support services Plan Generate relevant traffic to your website from various search engines SEO

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Hvantage – India Location – Indore City Indore is an inviting opportunity with quality infrastructure at low cost. - Talent/Opportunities: Only city in India with the presence of most reputed international colleges Indian Institute of Management IIM and Indian Institute of Technology IIT. There are over 50 colleges and educational academies in Indore feeding the talent to domestic international businesses. - Cost: A Tier 2 city keeps the TCO almost half of the big 5s. • Comparing to Los Angeles its half in area and population 562 sq/km for 2.1 Million. • Indore has 2 operational and 1 proposed IT park with presence of InfoSys TCS Collebra. • Indore is connected with an International Airport Rail/Road. • Bus Rapid Transit system keeps traffic in control. • Indore provide the key ingredients of life including great weather food variety entertainment parks sight seeing malls hospitals sports institute education and a family friendly place to retain the talent. • Resources: Wikipedia IIM Indore IIT Indore

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State of art facility center in Indore India Hvantage’s India office is a state of the art facility designed around maximum productive software development environment. The open floor design encourages communication and collaboration both between techies and with our clients. • 8000 sq. feet professionally arranged space 2 offices • Seating capacity 150 associates • 6 manager’s cabins • 24 hours power backup • Large conference rooms • Internet connection up to 100 mbps multiple leased lines for client requirements • Ample parking space • 24 hours security guard • Server room with restricted access Hvantge India Offices

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THANK YOU Look Forward To A Profitable Collaboration.. Hvantage Technologies Inc | +1-347-918-3427

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