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Equally Yoked:

E qually Y oked Coupleship - Liberal Arts & Humanities - The webinar Social Psychology


CIVIL IDENTITY Ancestry Ethnicity Sex R eligion Politics Source of Income Age Disability M arital Status FAMILIAL Status RACE Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation Pregnancy Beliefs Creed * * * * color * * - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Biopsychosociocultural Model:

Biopsychosociocultural Model Biologic “Civil Identity” Psychologic Social Culture Sex Disability Color Race Disability Religion Ethnicity Belief/Creed Sex Race Color FOOTNOTE : To a lesser or greater degree of mental disability always coexists with any physical disability and so it is therefore that with a mental disability, a physical disability or a biochemical imbalance is coexistent-affecting/or effecting an individual’s ‘civil identity.’ Social Religion +sexual pleasure preferences PoliticalParty April 7 th 1969 Marital Status Familial Status

“Equally Yoked”:

“Equally Yoked” The word 'Equally Yoked' (equallyoked) is from; “Equally” – actually means, “alike”, in a “balanced” manner, “the same” or to “the same” degree of, etc., “Yoked” - (Latin, 'to join‘), meaning …fastened around the neck to join together, …something of mutual burden. Word history: …may have evolved from synonyms with meanings, such as: Equitably, Fairly, Justly . Sentence : “They were an ‘ equally yoked ’ couple from families of just ordinary means.” - Word Meanings (Equallyoked)

“Equally Yoked” is pronounced..:

“Equally Yoked” is pronounced.. …“ Eek quel ee yoak‘d ” and is when a couple - recognize, related to, believe in, bonds with and marries another purposefully related to the same (or nearly the same) ‘ civil Identity ’ * and thus are considered in a multi-cultural society, ‘ equally yoked ’. * ‘ Civil Identity ’ (is a Social Psychology term) - describing a mosaic of features concerning an individual’s present: Ethnicity, political party membership, race , color, religious membership, disability/ or handicap, age group/generation, (proper) sexual orientation, familial status, and marital status. - Intro to SocPsy: Equally Yoked

The term, “Equally Yoked”:

The term, “Equally Yoked” The term ' Equally yoked ' (also, equally yoked) probably came about from the Holy Bible – wherein Jews marrying Jews, Muslims marrying Muslims, Christians marrying Christians, etc, etc. It is a social phenomena that exists in all diverse multicultural societies - peoples of the same de facto ‘Civil Identity' marrying one another for reasons of good self-esteem, religious morals, and preserving the integrity of their family identity – expressly for abiding in social mores and therefore community (psychosocial) health. - Word Origins / Philosophy / Sociology 101


“Endogamy” Endogamy means, “in-marriage” – and is when an individual – according to his/or her own social customs… (comment: this maybe more like community (psychosocial) health, a valued social mores or an actual old religious ‘law’) …. ….marries an another individual within his or her own subculture or “Social group”*. * Note ; a “Social group” may be a village, a tribe, a sect or cult, a … region, or now in modern Sociocultural Anthropology, a de facto ‘ Civil Identity ’,.. - Sociocultural Anthropology

“Civil identity”:

“Civil identity” Ethnicity : American of Balkan states heritage. Political Party : Green Party Race : Caucasian, Color : Medium complexion Religion : Fundamental Christian Disability : None Known Gender : Male & Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual Marital Status : Single-Yet to Marry Couples who share the same or very similar ‘Civil Identities’ recognize, relate to, belief in, bond together in marriage and family who are living in a diverse multicultural society are considered ‘equallyoked’. An Example: - Intro. to Soc. Psy.

a Social Phenomena..:

a Social Phenomena.. “A couple (a heterosexual dyadic) who are of a very similar or the same ‘ Civil Identity ’…” 1 “Any couples who are bonded together and who are of the ‘same’ or ‘very similar ’ Civil identities …” 2 “A marital couple …married and with their backgrounds related to their ‘ Civil Identity ’…” 3 - Sociology 101: Social Phenomenology

Dyadic Psychology:

Dyadic Psychology “Equallyokedtarians’ are of interest to social psychologists primarily because they represent a (premarital, marital) dyadic group of the same ‘Civil identity .’ Couples who primarily choose to bond and marry together ‘because’ they are the ‘same’ or ‘very similar ’ Civil Identities , among other reasons, may contribute to marital longevity-staying together for a lifetime as.. evidenced. The measured ‘self esteem ’ of individuals of a marital couple who marries with backgrounds related to their own ‘ Civil Identities ’ are worthy marital satisfaction studies as well. - Social Psychology: SocPsy222

“Civil Identity”:

“Civil Identity” - Ethnicity: - Politics: - Religion: - Race: - Color: - Age: - Sex: - Sex preference: - Marital status: - Ethnicity: - Politics: - Religion: - Race: - Color: - Age: - Sex: - Sex preference: - Marital status: - Sociology: 101 ‘de facto’ (in fact, in reality) personality personality

Social Perspectives:

Social Perspectives “ Equallyokedtarian s” are those couples - who are ‘equallyoked’ – yet, having varying points of views* about their marriage relationship: * Liberals: a couple marrying one another while sharing in vague beliefs, i.e., explained as the same ‘spirit’ or attitude about some issue. * Moderates: marrying one another r/t ‘very similar’ civil identities-close enough for them. * Conservatives: marriage between two people who share the same or fairly ‘equal’ ‘Civil Identities’. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

Coupling up….:

Coupling up…. “Nonequallyoked – Couples who do recognize equallyokedtarianism as a social mores and yet for their own ulterior motives still choose to violate social mores as an rash option.” “Unequallyoked – Couples who are naïve, thus inadvertently demonstrate opposition to equallyokedtarianism-as a social mores.” “Anti-equallyoked – Couples who are a bit mentally/ emotionally disturbed and are deliberately active against proper socialization, contrary to equallyokedtarianism and social mores,…” - Introduction to Social Psychology …in a ‘hook up’ culture

Why “Equallyoked”?:

Why “Equallyoked”? Motives - a couple who are ‘equallyoked’ may do so for a variety of reasons-some of which include: – Beliefs about life, self-image, truth and God, death, etc. – Bonding for long term love, romance, and sex. – Marriage, family/children, and financial goals. Self esteem – individuals with a clear sense of self-marrying someone of a ‘like’ civil identity. Family identity – to maintain the integrity and the longevity of the extended family identity. Social mores – a preserved cultural standard in a multicultural society for the sake of community health. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology


Examples: Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Known Age: 21 ½ Sex: Male Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Known Age: 21 Sex: Female Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Example 1 Example 2 - Sociology 101

Discussion Group:

Discussion Group (1.) According to the presentation, what is the origin of the term “ equally yoked ? Why is it significant to Sociology studies? Social psychology? Psychiatric Sociology? Marriage, Family, Child Psychology? (2.) Where are there peoples who practice such social mores, i.e., peoples who are considered ‘ equallyoked ’? (3.) Explain in your own words, how tribes, cults, and modern Sociocultural Anthropology are now related to a dyadic ‘de facto’ civil identity? - Liberal Arts & Humanities -

Some ‘Suggested’ Schools:

Some ‘Suggested’ Schools Brigham Young U., Baptist Bible Coll. & Seminar, Regent U., Corban U., Whitworth U., Huntington U., Roberts Wesleyan Coll., Wheaton Coll. Illinois, Menlo Coll., Brigham Young U. – Idaho, NY Inst. Of Tech., St. Joseph’s Coll.-NY, Molloy Coll., Penn State Lehigh Valley, Biola U., Asbury U., U of Conn.-Avery Point, CUNY John Jay Coll. of Criminal Justice, Liberty U., Bellin Coll., Basptish Memorial Coll. Of Health Sciences, Bethel U.- Minn., Penn State Abington, The Baptist College of Florida, Milligan Coll., Cornerstone U., U of Conn-Stamford, Tocoa Falls Coll., Multnomah U., The Master’s Coll. & Seminary, Point Loma Nazarene U., Wilmington U., Northpoint Bible Coll., Art Center Coll. Of Design, Davenport U., Bethan Luthern Coll., CUNY Brooklyn Coll., George Fox U., College of St Mary, U of Conn-Tri-Campus, U. of Mobile, CUNY Lehman Coll., Felician Coll., Indiana U. –Kokomo, E. Nazarene Coll., Fashion inst. Of Tech., Goshen Coll., E. Mennonite U. Holy Family U., Carlos Albizu U.- Miami, Colorado Christian U., Bethel Coll.- Indiana, Polytech Inst. Of NY U., Calvin Coll., Davis Coll.- NY, Penn State New Kensington, Clearwater Christian Coll., Woodbury U., Chatham U., Mayhurst U., Laguna Coll. Of Art & Design, Hilbert Coll , Regis Coll., Indian Wesleyan U., CUNY Baruch Coll , Cincinnati Christian U., Bay Path Coll., S. Adventist U., Union Coll -NE, Peperdine U., U. of St. Francis-Indiana, York Coll , Erskine Coll., John Brown U., Silver Lake Coll. Of the Holy Family, U. of New Hampshire at Manchester, Mary Baldwin Coll., Mass of Coll. Of Pharm & Health Sciences, U. of Michigan – Dearborn, Martin Luther Coll., Emmanuel Coll.-Georgia, Soka U. of America, Penn State York, Adelphi U., NW Christian U., Grace Coll. & Seminary, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, NV State Coll., Messiah Coll., Columbia Coll.-Missouri, Maranatha Baptist Bible College, CA Baptist U., Boston Conservatory, Union U., Bob Jones U., Concordia U.-Wisconsin, U of Sioux Falls, Milwaudee School of Engineering, Tabor Coll. Some of the Best and Safest Schools

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Social Psychology Quote

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