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SELF and IDENTITY - Civil Identity - Liberal Arts and Humanities.


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“Self and Identity”:

“Self and Identity” An Introduction to Social Psychology t erms Key Words : Definitions “ Family Identity ” “ Civil Identity ” “ Social Identity ” - Liberal Arts and Humanities - WEBINAR


Disclaimer The viewer assumes all responsibility in an understanding of the topic associated with the presentation of precepts here within. Any issues that differ within diverse sociocultural perspectives worldwide must be decided upon individually and not to be taken too literal and globally. Limitations in language translation and grammar must been taken into account and decided upon when using this material for any advanced professional and judicial post-doctorial work. This presentation is intended to be used for educational purposes only . - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

“Equallyoked” - a Pair of Face Cards with the ‘Same’ Suit:

“Equallyoked” - a Pair of Face Cards with the ‘Same’ Suit But, in any card-game, the term ‘ Equallyoked ’ may mean-any pair of King/Queen face cards that are the same suit. Gambling Hall Talk- Las Vegas, NV 1909 In Poker – a pair of face cards held and laid down is called, ‘ Equallyoked ’ which means, the King and Queen of Hearts. Virginia City, NV 1862 - History of Saloon Talk, Las Vegas, NV---1911

A Little Cocktail Hour ‘Talk’:

A Little Cocktail Hour ‘Talk’ “ Infusions” – variations of drinks which are made simply by letting fresh foods like vegetables, fruit, or herbs sit in the spirit of choice until that spirit takes on the flavor of the food. “ A Tot ” – (or tiny tot ) is simply a short shot. It is a weak drink or if its a double-it is quite a bit less than doubled. “ Equallyoked ” – is when one order is placed as a pair of drinks that are prepared in exactly the very same way and usually served to a romantic couple out together having a pre-dinner drink . “ Virgin ” – a virgin drink is one without alcohol. Cocktails that are made without such spirits are thus suitable for ‘minors’ or underage drinkers. “ Mocktail ” – a Mocktail is another term for a virgin drink. “ Straight up ” – is a drink served by chilling it first with ice and then strained while being poured into a glass. - Saloon Talk, Las Vegas, NV---1911

Smoke - Shop ‘Talk’:

Smoke - Shop ‘Talk’ “ Bomber ”, slang – for a heavy an out of balanced joint with a thick end – usually hand made by a stoned air-head ‘addict’ and sold by greedy illegal dealers. So, when smoked, it burns faster and, WASTES a lot of smoke up into the air so it will hurry up and burn - therefore make sooner sales. “Equallyoked ” -a common term referring more to the way a marijuana cigarette is ‘hand’ rolled, i.e., as a very cylindrical balanced (a cannibus joint) that is nicely twisted evenly and tight at both ends – EQUALLY - and is typical of medical marijuana. “ Killer ”, slang – describes a very sloppy rolled dube that may falling apart or may be laced with any potent drug to a poison. - “ Street Pot ” - Las Vegas, NV, Circa 1911

“Family Identity”:

“Family Identity” The “Family Identity” is based on ‘civil identity’ closely associated with a specific surname and… Surname : that specific family name passed down generation after generation in a family lineage from whom the origins of the surname began to the very youngest new born. Middle name : It is a name given by joint parents traditionally, by inter-marrying families of the same (or similar) ‘civil identities’ to protect the family against fraud, phoneys, and fakes using reputable ‘names’ as a tactic or strategy for personal profit in multicultural finance. ‘NMI’ (means, No Middle Initial) First name : a personal name given to a newborn by parents - usually to be used in every day conversa-tions - with a specific meaning – concerning the reputation to ‘live up to’ in society. - Social Psychology

“Social Identity”:

“Social Identity” A person’s sense of belongingness to a collective of identified important groups such as; Citizenship : a Nation Residency: Address Property: Deeds and co- OWNER ship in Real estate e.g., houses, vacation homes, office buildings, land, and may include motor homes, RVs, cars, boats, planes, etc. Profession: a trade, vocation, skill, craft, boards or union organizations, etc Education: and/or Credentials , degrees, diplomas, certifications, documentation of schools successfully attended, licenses, certifications, registrations, etc. Titles : in Clubs, Religious, and Political organizations. Socio-economic CLASS : Amount of money in bank, in stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and certificates, etc. - Social Psychology

“Civil Identity”:

“Civil Identity” Ancestry Ethnicity Disability Mental Physical Race & Color Age Sex Political Party Familiar Status Marital Status Religion Beliefs Creed Source of Income Sexual Preference Arbitrary - Social Psychology

“Civil identity”:

“Civil identity” Ethnicity: American of Soviet Ancestry Political Party: Libertarian Party Race: Semitic Color: Medium complexion Religion : Judeo-Christian Disability: None Known Gender: Male & Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Marital Status : Single Couples who share the same (or very similar ) ‘ Civil identities ’, recognize, related to, identify with one another’s beliefs , bond in marriage, living in a multi-cultural society are considered ‘ EquallyYoked ’. - Social Psychology An Example:

“Self and Identity”:

“Self and Identity” An Introduction to Social Psychology t erms Key Words : Definitions “ Family Identity ” “ Civil Identity ” “ Social Identity ” - Liberal Arts and Humanities - WEBINAR

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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