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Windows Update (WU)Cost Effective Patch Distribution: 

Windows Update (WU) Cost Effective Patch Distribution Michael Meulemans Lead Program Manager Windows Update Microsoft Corporation


Agenda WU Background and Facts Survey Results Benefits Vision Timeline AU: Design Goals, Features Site: Design Goals, Features, Demo Questions

Windows Update Basics: 

Windows Update Basics Interactive website for end-users 'Intelligently' figures out critical, recommended, optional software, drivers, Windows Service Packs a PC needs End user chooses to install updates Automatic updates (Critical only) Notify before download (for consumers that want to learn about and approve updates before they download, low bandwidth) Download and notify (for consumers that want to approve before install, AU automatically figures out critical patches needed, downloads, and notifies user when ready) Scheduled (AU downloads and installs, w/reboot if needed on scheduled times) Windows Update Catalog IT / Corp view of software: choose to download and redistribute to other machines administrators maintain SUS (WUS) – IT focused (update management component of Windows Server) Additional control point for IT

Update Types: 

Update Types High priority Critical updates, security updates, service packs, and update rollups that should be installed as soon as they become available and before any other updates. May also include critical drivers Software (optional) Non-critical fixes for Windows programs such as Windows Media Player, DirectX 9, and Windows Journal Viewer 1.5 Hardware (optional) Non-critical fixes for drivers and other hardware devices, such as video cards, sound cards, scanners, printers, and cameras

WU Site, AU, And WUS: 

WU Site, AU, And WUS

WU Operations Facts: 

WU Operations Facts

Operational Global Infrastructure: 

Operational Global Infrastructure

Customer Perception Survey (3/03 & 6/03): 

Customer Perception Survey (3/03 andamp; 6/03) Users exhibit high levels of satisfaction with the website and updates Most users visit WU at least once a month. 53% visit WU at least once a week Most users are very confident that WU updates improve the performance and security of their computing experience Most users trust Windows Update, and ‘Trust’ Microsoft to provide them 90% of English site users are from the US, UK, Canada and Australia 75% of WU English site users are on broadband connections WU visitors are evenly split between general home users, and business computer users (IT Pros, Business Decision Makers, Knowledge Workers)

Top Customer Requests: 

Top Customer Requests 50% want more of what they are getting 45% want technology improvements High demand for 3rd party driver updates

3rd Party Benefits Summary: 

3rd Party Benefits Summary Free hosting as part of WU’s distributed infra-structure Leverage Microsoft’s global platform investment to reduce your servicing costs High availability and attack resiliency Extensive reach 110M unique service users in 3/04 12.4B downloads in 2003 24 languages Improved supportability Update ‘fixes’ proven to reduce customer problems, reduce your product support costs Online Crash Analysis (OCA) and other reporting Better content management information and control Driver Management Center 2.0 Target updates based on Manufacturer, Model and BIOS via WMI queries Superior user experience and branding opportunities Site enhancements help customers better understand why they’re offered specific drivers No searching multiple web sites for needed updates Installation 100% automatic, for ‘high priority’ driver updates (Driver Policy) For ‘high priority’ content, scheduled installs reduce complexity Branding graphic and product metadata information (eg. support URLs, uninstall instructions) submitted with package and displayed on site PNP device driver install experience (non-site) High customer satisfaction

WUv5 Vision: Service Platform Solution: 

WUv5 Vision: Service Platform Solution For users: a great experience Simple: 'My devices work when I plug them in' Peace of mind: 'Automatic updates take care of my computer' A single place to manage My PC: 'I control the settings. I can get the information I need to make decisions on what updates to apply. Better reliability, security, and no hassles' For Partners: a valuable platform service to leverage Lower support costs and increase customer satisfaction by automatically updating customers’ machines so that they are healthy and perform optimally Lower operating costs and gain broad, timely distribution by leveraging MS’s global infrastructure Manage distribution and quality better and coordinate with IHVs using the tools and data feedback; measure the impact of fixes 'Enable a trustworthy PC experience for customers, … on a platform that promotes increased supportability … for Microsoft and Windows ecosystem partners.'


Timeline RC2: May 2004 RTM (w/XPSP2)

Automatic Updates: 

Automatic Updates Keep systems up-to-date automatically Secure by default Shared client infrastructure with Windows Update Controlled by policy Download optimizations Size of updates: MSP and Windows patches Windows Update web site synergy

Windows XP SP2Out-Of-Box Experience: 

Windows XP SP2 Out-Of-Box Experience

AutoUpdate: Scheduled: 

AutoUpdate: Scheduled Automatically and silently installs updates at scheduled time if applicable Notifies logged on users to reboot if necessary If machine is off at scheduled time, updates are installed at startup

WUv5 Site UX Design Goals: 

WUv5 Site UX Design Goals Interim refresh (not complete redesign) to support patch and SP distribution for Windows/3rd parties Product taxonomy and navigation to support third-party updates Streamline critical update install process for beginners Easy access to browse updates for intermediate / advanced Encourage users to use Automatic Updates in scheduled mode Incorporate update/item-level branding

WUv5 Site Features: 

WUv5 Site Features Infra-structure Adopts WUS data model/schema and uses client APIs for detect, download, install Provides consistent download/install UX Content downloaded only once using BITS Consistent with AU in hide, history, and install experience Updates can be assigned download priority Supports self-update and ‘mandatory’ update application Design and Navigation Simplified navigation to get secure fast AU configuration checking and enabling New homepage and visual look News to communicate service health and security issues More usable taxonomy with consistent terminology More flexible handling of SP’s

WUv5 Site FeaturesContinued: 

WUv5 Site Features Continued Servicing Windows Error Reporting (WER) integration Extensible error messages and integrated resolution search Beta version support: opt-in to receive beta software Language settings Supportability Client history: error integration, better navigation and printing Troubleshooter: improved searching, feedback capabilities, and navigation Site trace mode: assisted service and troubleshooting Driver coverage and quality Device status information (e.g., no driver, flawed driver) Vendor branding and support URL Rich targeting (manufacturer / model / BIOS) Driver exclusion

Site Demo: 

Site Demo End user scenarios Configuring Automatic Updates Express install end to end Custom install end to end Site options Supportability History Troubleshooting content search Error page ‘smart’ linking Site trace mode

Call To Action: 

Call To Action Work with the WHOS team to deliver your drivers via Windows Update Contact https://Winqual.Microsoft.com and winqual @ microsoft.com

Community Resources: 

Community Resources Community Sites http://www.microsoft.com/communities/default.mspx List of Newsgroups http://communities2.microsoft.com/communities/newsgroups/en-us/default.aspx Attend a free chat or webcast http://www.microsoft.com/communities/chats/default.mspx http://www.microsoft.com/seminar/events/webcasts/default.mspx Locate a local user group(s) http://www.microsoft.com/communities/usergroups/default.mspx Non-Microsoft Community Sites http://www.microsoft.com/communities/related/default.mspx


Continuous Improvement Cycle Overview : 

Continuous Improvement Cycle Overview Watson andamp; OCA Crash Archive Crash Analysis Winqual (WER) Winqual (WER,DDC WHQL) Vendor Company Windows Update/ Response Service Our Customers The Windows Platform Fix the issue

Supported Platforms: 

Supported Platforms Microsoft Windows XP and later Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 andamp; XP, 64-bit Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, and Advanced Server with Service Pack 3 or later Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Microsoft Windows 98

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