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HR Stun Gun Store is the prominent dealer of stun gun in Amritsar. We offer you the top quality stun guns on budget prices to help you in adverse situations. The possession of these stun guns can be legal and anybody can carry it anywhere as a self defense weapon without any need of carrying a license. To explore our entire range of new and latest stun gun products, visit this link:


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LOW PRICE STUN GUN SHOP IN AMRITSAR – 9958840084 Stun Gun in Amritsar is the best safety weapon for ladies. These stun guns are safe to use and enables the women to feel safe and protected at all the time. These stun guns can make them capable to make her protection without any dependence on other’s for their safety and protection. Stun Guns create an electric shock in the body of an attacker and provide the enough time to the ladies to escape or call for help in that time gap. The significance of using this Stun Gun in Amritsar is these are legal to carry without any need of taking a license. These stun guns can be easily carried anywhere without facing much problem because these stun guns can be customized in the daily using items like lipstick cell phone torch etc. Due to these stun guns are customized in the daily using items no one can suspect on you that you are carrying a stun gun. You can easily carry it anywhere without any fear of being caught by anyone. RANGE OF STUN GUN IN AMRITSAR  Lipstick Stun Gun  Cell Phone Stun Gun  Torch Cum Stun Gun for Ladies  Self Defense Stun Gun  Ultra Compact Stun Gun

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LIPSTICK STUN GUN Lipstick Stun Gun is the most concealable stun gun for ladies. Lipstick is a product that can be normally used by all the ladies for their makeover so it is the common item found in ladies purse handbags etc. No one can even think that a normal looking lipstick is a safety stun gun for ladies. Ladies can easily carry this concealable stun gun in their purse when they are travelling alone to be ready for all the situations. CELL PHONE STUN GUN Cell Phone Stun Gun is the most concealable stun gun for ladies. Cell Phone is something that every person carries with him/her to communicate with another person. If a stun gun is inserted in the normal looking cell phone than it can be easier for everyone to carry it without any fear of being caught by anyone. The best part is cell phone is small size item that can be easily carried in a pocket purse handbag backpack etc.

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TORCH CUM STUN GUN FOR LADIES Torch Cum Stun Gun for Ladies is the best dual purpose stun gun that can efficiently works as a normal torch as well as a stun gun for the safety and security of ladies. This stun gun can look like a normal torch used as a source of lighting so no one can doubt on you that you are carrying a stun gun. This stun gun is the best option for ladies who comes late in the nights or working in the night shifts. SELF DEFENSE STUN GUN Self Defense Stun Gun is the most efficient security weapon that can be used be ladies for their self defense. This stun gun can be used efficiently to stopping an attacker by just firing a shot into the air for making him a distraction. With this you can get an enough time to move from that place or to call someone for your help.

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ULTRA COMPACT STUN GUN Ultra Compact Stun Gun is a small size stun gun that can easily carry in a pocket purse and handbag for the self protection. This stun gun has a feature that it has a disable pin on the wrist strap that can help you that if the attacker is trying to grab your stun gun and apply on you than this pin can deliver him a high voltage shock that can make him incapable to doing anything for a short period that can provide the enough time to escape the commotion. For more information contact us: Contact No.: +91-9958840084 +91-9210018707 Email: Visit our official Website:

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