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Best way to protect the ladies of your home when they are staying alone in the home or they are travelling alone in the late nights with stun gun in Pune. These stun guns can help them if any assailant is trying to attack on them than they can use this stun gun on the attacker to give him a high voltage electric current to make that attacker physically incapable for a while to move from that place. Visit on this link to get more information:


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VARIETY OF STUN GUNS IN PUNE There are variety of Stun Guns in Pune is available for the safety and security of ladies police personnel’s security personnel’s etc. These stun guns are best to use as a security weapon for personal protection. These stun guns can help user to safeguard him/her if anybody to attack on them. The significance of using this safety Stun Gun in Pune is it cannot illegal to carry like normal guns. You can easily take a possession of these stun guns for the safety and security of your ladies or your family. You do not need to take a government license to take a possession of these safety stun guns. You can easily carry this small in size stun guns to anywhere by keeping it in your purse pockets or in your handbags. With the help of this Stun Gun in Pune the ladies can feel safe and secure even they are coming late in nights. For the ease of ladies to carry these stun guns HR Stun Gun Store provides customized stun guns in form of lipstick cell phones etc. that can be easily carried without getting attention of anyone.

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RANGE OF STUN GUNS IN PUNE  Lipstick Stun Gun  Self Defense Stun Gun  Cell Phone Stun Gun  Expandable Stun Gun  Police Stun Gun  Baton Stun Gun LIPSTICK STUN GUN Lipstick Stun Gun is specially designed for ladies to keep them safe and secure in all the situations whether they are leaving in home or they are travelling alone. This normal looking lipstick can be customized with a small size stun gun that can give a surprise if someone trying to misbehave with them. This small size stun gun can deliver electro shock to the attacker that can physically incapable to the attacker to move further and trying to harm you. Ladies can easily carry this lipstick stun gun in their purse handbags or in their pockets like a normal lipstick without getting attention of anyone.

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SELF DEFENSE STUN GUN Self Defense Stun Gun is the best to use stun gun for self defense. You can easily use this stun gun for your own protection. This stun gun can be used by both ladies as well as by men for their self protection. This stun gun is a light weight weapon that can help you to just fire a shot into the air for stopping an attacker. This stun gun doesn’t harm permanently to the attacker. CELL PHONE STUN GUN Cell Phone Stun Gun is the best customized stun gun that cannot catch an attention of anyone and help you to stay safe and secure. This normal looking cell phone is very easy to use for everyone and easy to carry without facing much difficulty. Use this cell phone stun gun in difficult situations to give a jolt to the attacker by delivering him a electric shock to the attacker to incapacitate him to do anything wrong with him.

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EXPANDABLE STUN GUN Expandable Stun Gun is the best stun gun due to its feature of adjusting its length as per your convenience. You can easily use this stun gun for your safety by keeping it everywhere without getting recognized by anyone. This expandable stun gun provides a powerful jolt to the attacker and turns him to the ground to give you the enough time to escape from that place. POLICE STUN GUN Police Stun Gun is specially designed to meet the demands of Police Military and Security Professionals. This stun gun is best to use by policemen for their protection by creating a loud electrical burst and test fired into the air to stop attacker for a while to make your move. This stun gun comes with a led flashlight that can provide you the convenient source of lighting as well if the police personnel is staying at that place where the source of lighting is low.

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BATON STUN GUN Baton Stun Gun is the best quality stun gun that has complete rubber coating that can provide you a non-slippery grip. You can easily use this baton stun gun on attacker to give him an electric shock and also it has the feature that if the attacker is trying to grab this baton stun gun from you to attack on you than this baton stun gun will deliver a high voltage shock from the side metal strips. This baton stun gun also has a feature of led flashlight that can help you to give the blindness effect to the attacker for a short period if you can shines this bright light in the eyes of the attacker. For more information contact us: Contact No.: +91-9958840084 +91-9210018707 Email: Visit our official Website:

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