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Training and development is a process to enhance skills and knowledge in order to enhance the performance of an employee in an organization. To know more about training and development please visit


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Training and Development :

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Training and Development Presentation Flow   What is Training and Development Training and Development Meaning & Definition How Does Training and Development Work Need of Training and Development Importance of Training and Development

What is Training and Development? :

What is Training and Development?   3 Training Short term reactive process Used for operational purpose Development - Long term process Used for executive purpose For performance improvement T&D is skill and knowledge enhancing bustle which is a source of additional information Work instructions

Training and Development Meaning and Definition :

Training and Development Meaning and Definition 4 Definition It is a system used by an organization to improve the skills and performance of the employees Meaning A program of upgrading of employee’s skills, knowledge and competencies is known as training. The development program on the other hand is often preparation to perform the future job

How does Training Development work?:

How does Training Development work ? Steps of Training and development process 5 Need of training and development Goals and Objectives Method of Training Implementation of program Evaluation and constant monitoring Steps of Training and Development Process

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Need of Training and Development 6 To meet the revised goals and objectives of organization To improve the performance of employees by enhancing their skills To set up a benchmark of performance which employees are expected to achieve To teach new skills to the employees and make them ready for future challenges To test run the new ways of improving organizational productivity .

Importance of Training and Development:

Importance of Training and Development 7 For optimum utilization of their manpower key for the succession planning of the organization Motivational tool for employees which improves productivity and job satisfaction For development of a team spirit in the organization. It is important from safety point of view as it provides information about job safety policies Important gear to increase profitability and enhance corporate image

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