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Dogs Life – How Dogs Play:

Dogs Life – How Dogs Play Read our How Dogs Play blog to Give your dog more mental exercise with mind-engaging activities such as enrichment puzzles, new toys, visits to new places, and learning new skills and tricks to make your dog the bestest life.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Dog Pee Smell:

Best Way To Get Rid Of Dog Pee Smell Treat the urine spot immediately is one of the best ways to eliminate dog urine odor! Firstly, soak up any urine with a paper towel to blot away any excess pee. Place the pee-soaked paper towels in a place where you would like your dog to urinate such as the garden. Use an enzymatic cleaner spray on the affected area.

How to Keep a Clean House with a Dog That Sheds:

How to Keep a Clean House with a Dog That Sheds For dogs with long coats that seem to shed frequently, regular brushing is highly recommended. It won’t stop the shedding per se, but it will help to keep the loose hair under control and prevent matting. This is all hair that would usually end up all over the house and has now been contained making cleaning your house a much easier task.

Environmentally Friendly Dog Bed:

Environmentally Friendly Dog Bed If you are considering going eco-friendly with your dog your method of choosing a suitable dog bed for your best friend may fit a slightly different criterion. Not all dog beds are made in the same way and learning the difference between one that is safe for the environment and one that is not, is a major step in the right direction towards the eco-friendly life that awaits you.

Eco-Friendly Doggie Poop Bags:

Eco-Friendly Doggie Poop Bags Let’s talk poop! Ok, so you’ve treated Rex to his favorite eco-friendly treats throughout the course of the day. It is inevitable as a dog owner you will need to take your dog out for walks daily for exercise and mental stimulation. With that, comes a responsibility for your dog’s behavior and actions. Daily walks, means daily poops, in sometimes not very convenient locations. It is your responsibility as an owner to pick up and dispose of any toilet action every time your dog goes.

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