5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Fleas


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http://hopperenvironmentalservices.com/ - You don’t have to worry about fighting fleas is you prevent them from coming into your home in the first place. Fleas can be a big problem for your pet, but once they infest your home, they turn into a huge problem. Learn the best ways to prevent an infestation & stay flea free all year. Hopper Environmental Services can give you a free flea evaluation with ways to help prevent fleas & if you already have a flea problem, they can take care of it immediately.


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5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Fleas:

Don’t fight fleas – prevent them now! 5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Fleas

The Flea Problem:

The Flea Problem Fleas might be a huge problem for your dog or cat, but once they’re infested, you can be that you’re about to be too. Fleas can cause itchy bites , illness, and general mayhem in your home. Prevention is always going to be your best bet. Here are five things you can do right now.

Take Care of Your Pet:

Take Care of Your Pet Before you can look to anything else, you have to take care of your pet’s needs. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet, book an appointment at your local vet’s office, and ask about flea control. Be sure you follow the vet’s instructions carefully and reapply as frequently as required.

Take Care of Your Lawn:

Take Care of Your Lawn Believe it or not, a well kept lawn is one major secret of flea control . If you don’t mow regularly or you have lots of overgrown spaces, you’re just inviting wildlife near your home that may carry fleas onto your property.

Take Care of Your Home:

Take Care of Your Home Cleaning up inside is just as important as outside. You’ll want to sweep or vacuum your home on a daily basis to help prevent flea outbreaks. Washing your pet’s bedding, if they live indoors, in hot water each week is also essential to preventing a flea infestation .

Stop Those Visitors:

Stop Those Visitors Keep in mind that your pet isn’t the only one who may be dragging fleas into your home. Whether it’s other pets from the neighborhood or wildlife visitors in the middle of the night, finding a way to keep other animal visitors off your property is a solid way to stop fleas before they start .

Contact the Professionals:

Contact the Professionals If you’re concerned about the potential for a flea outbreak, consider scheduling a contacting a pest control company. They can do a quick evaluation of your home and property, then point out the possible trouble spots, which may help you stay flea free all year.

Make the Right Choice:

Make the Right Choice Contacting a pest control company is the smart thing to do. Whether you have fleas now, or you’re just worried about getting them, t hey can help you treat your home and your property using the methods necessary to eliminate the problem.

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