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Presentation Description bees are a very important part of the ecosystem most people still do not want them buzzing around their backyard, ruining their summer days & nights. Call a bee pest control professional to help you get rid of bees.


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Be Bee Free This Summer : 

Stop the Stinging Potential of Bees with Hopper Environmental Services Be Bee Free This Summer

Wait, Bees Are Helpful? : 

Wait, Bees Are Helpful? Bees are actually an important part of our ecosystem. Without them, many of our farms would have a serious problem. Despite this, most people still don’t want them in their backyard.

Honeybee or Something More Serious? : 

Honeybee or Something More Serious? There are more than 20,000 different types of bees worldwide. Knowing exactly what you’re dealing with could give you a bit more knowledge before you contact a pest control company. In fact, it’s essential to finding the right approach to treatment.

Bumblebees : 

Bumblebees Most bumblebees make a nest in the ground, but you might see them around your deck or patio area. You may even see a nest in your attic or under a roof beam. You’ll always know that you’ve threatened a bumblebee, because their buzzing gets louder as they get more aggressive. Remove possible nesting spots, and you have the right solution.

Carpenter Bees : 

Carpenter Bees Carpenter bees drill through the wood in your home to build a nice nest for themselves. Their stingers aren’t barbed like other bees, so the can sting you as many times as you like. Most of these are blue-black, and they like bare wood much better than painted or stained surfaces.

Honeybees : 

Honeybees Honeybees pollinate many US crops, and they’re easily the most recognizable type of bee. They can only sting you once, because their stinger rips off as they fly away. Removing this type of colony is typically a very messy operation.

Killer Bees : 

Killer Bees These are really Africanized honeybees, and they get that nasty moniker because they can chase someone up to ¼ of a mile if provoked. Their attacks are more serious than traditional honeybees because they tend to swarm. They love building nests in odd places like old tires, crates, or even boxes in your storage shed.

Make Your House Bee Proof! : 

Make Your House Bee Proof! You can keep the sting out of summer by making a close evaluation of your yard. Look for any areas that may seem attractive. Any holes that are outside your home could be a problem, as could voids in tree branches. Block any of these areas with screens or caulk to avoid becoming a bee farmer for the summer.

When Bees Invade : 

When Bees Invade If you already have a bee problem, call in a bee pest control professional. Covering the nests or cutting off a bee’s access to it won’t help.

Getting the Help You Need : 

Getting the Help You Need If you think that you have a bee problem, getting help may be your best idea. Getting rid of bees can be a time consuming, and expensive, process if you do it on your own. Experts have the equipment and experience to be able to get rid of the pests in a fairly quick manner.

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