Health & Safety In The Workplace

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Health and safety in production has been a big factor of manufacturing since early on. With the new inventions of machinery and chemical products being used more and more commonly, the importance of health and safety has increased rapidly. For safety in production to continue, guidelines and regulations must be introduced and followed in the workplace.

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A good example of advancements in the need for health and safety are cars. In the 1950s cars were sold on looks alone, however now cars come fitted with safety features such as airbags, Health and safety has become increasingly important to the consumer, and this is why businesses invest a lot of money in innovative safety designs.

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The flow diagram above shows the process manufactures go through to assess dangers in the workplace. Health and safety precautions are based on these assessments, which calculate how dangerous an activity is by weighing its risk factor (how likely it is that something will go wrong), against the danger (how fatal injuries will be if something does g wrong). By doing this workers can be kept safe by health and safety guidelines.

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All of these Health and Safety regulations have been put in place by many acts and regulations, that manufacturers must follow: The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) The Factories Act (1961) COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1992) These make sure manufacturers make products safely and the workers involved in these processes are also kept safe.

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The CE mark shown on a product means that the product meets legal, technical, and safety standards that are required throughout the EU. The Kitemark is awarded to a product if it meets a quality controlled standard, making sure all products will reach this same standard. The product is seen as safe and reliable. The age warning symbol is required for products for children, as it warns about safety of the product especially to children under 36 months.

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It is obvious then that health and safety plays a big part in production and manufacturing. Without it products may not be safe for use, and many people could get injured in the process of making. Regulations and limitations make sure companies comply to safe manufacture in the workplace, and this makes the quality of their products much higher.

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