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Holographic wads: Providing security and a visual appeal to the product Out of all the holographic products holographic wads have a high demand in the market. The wads with holography are aluminium induction caps with hologram seals. These ideal packaging solutions are widely used to prevent products from tampering. Wads are mostly used in pharmaceuticals lubricant bottles food packages oil bottles pesticides et cetera. Besides safeguarding a product from tampering wads provide a visual appeal to the packaging of the product. Holographic wads: are they worth your money It doesn ’t matter what form an anti-counterfeiting product may take their main purpose has always been to fight against counterfeiting. They have become an iconic symbol of authenticity. They have over the years safeguarded products worth several billion dollars. They are used in almost every industry. Even formula one motor racing uses holography to protect their official merchandise. Even the market as sceptical as India has now slowly started to adopt this security measure. Earlier India market had a problem with the price at which holographic security would come but now organizations are finally realizing that in the face of counterfeiting this price is nothing more than a promising investment. Holostik: one of India ’s largest 3-D hologram manufacturer As the world is progressing at an unrelenting speed it is of utmost importance that anti- counterfeiting products are manufactured using the latest technology. For example Holostik one of India ’s largest security hologram stickers manufacturers manufactures wads by the process of laminating holographic foil with aluminium foil which in turn is coated with a layer of wax and LDPE making it water-resistant thus providing an extra layer of security to the contents inside the packaging. The variants of holographic wads are: Induction Sealing Holographic Non-Holographic Wads Black Bottle Neck Printing Chromo Paper/Aluminium Printing Pressure Sensitive Wads Peel and Release Wads Over-Printing on Holography / Poly / Board Wads with Track Trace Mirror Transfer and Customised Wads with Lids. Wads with holography are much more than just security Wads are ideal for the brands that manufacture or deal with pharmaceuticals lubricants chemical or even food these holographic wads can safeguard products from leakage contamination unauthorized dealing or tampering. Since these wads can be customized

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they can also help define or improve brand image in the market. So you don ’t only get a better brand identity but also a better brand protection.

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