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Speed Networking:

Speed Networking Valparaiso University Career Center

The speed networking process:

The speed networking process

The speed networking scheduler:

The speed networking scheduler

Before Speed Networking:

Before Speed Networking Plan to be at a computer on March 25, 2011 Juniors and Seniors Freshmen and Sophomores email@valpo.edu

At the Event: :

At the Event: Friday April 12, 2013 Check in at the Career Center @ 12:30 Review your schedule Find a host and mingle!

Presenting yourself well:

Presenting yourself well At Speed Networking

Tip #1:

Tip #1 Understand what you bring Practice your elevator pitch

Tip #2:

Tip #2 Learn!

Tip #3 :

Tip #3 Follow Up



Cancelation Policy:

Cancelation Policy Extreme emergencies only! Loss of privileges until letters of apology are written to all professionals on schedule.


PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect

So, Before Speed Networking:

So, Before Speed Networking Pick your attire Choose whether to make business cards Choose whether to update your resume

Speed Networking::

Speed Networking: THE GAMESHOW

PowerPoint Presentation:

What should you wear to Speed Networking?

PowerPoint Presentation:

During Speed Networking when should you hand a professional your resume?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Idenify 3 topics you could discuss with a professional.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Recruiters say they wouldn’t hire anyone that they wouldn’t be comfortable spending 6 hours in a van with…what behaviors would you demonstrate to look your best?

PowerPoint Presentation:

What should you do if a professional on your schedule does not appear to be someone that you want to talk to?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Is Speed Networking another way to mentor?

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is the best way to follow up with professionals you meet?

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is the best way to follow up with professionals you meet?

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