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We are hydroponics home that serves a huge number of growers locally and globally. Our inventiveness was to deliver easy accessibility, affordability, quality, variety, consumer service and more. For the first 2-3 years we were surviving striving to get our names to the population that did not know such field occurred Hollandindustry.com has a very devoted team that oversees the quality of the website every day.


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Holland Industry is a hydroponics house name that should be familiar to a vast number of growers domestically and internationally. A humble beginning: In 2009 a team of entrepreneurs growers and risk takers with over 10-15 years of field experience contributed their effort to resolve the common problem in the premature stages of the hydroponics field. The public saw this field as a taboo or something that they couldnt believe existed. Our initiative was to provide easy accessibility affordability quality variety customer service and more. For the first 2-3 years we were surviving striving to get our names to the population that did not know such field existed. Our initiative was to provide easy accessibility affordability quality variety customer service and more. For the first 2-3 years we were surviving striving to get our names to the population that did not know such field existed. We became active in forums social media etc. Even with more exposure we found that not everyone could attend our location to gather the resources that they needed. Our website was originally a price list for our in store purchases however with word of mouth and higher demands for our goods to be distributed throughout the country we had expended our business into Ebay Amazon and eventually our website.

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Services We want to be your one stop shop for all of your growing needs with that in mind we believe that on top of selling you top quality and unique products we need to provide other services that supports your field. Here are some of the services that we can assist you with if you are interested in any of these services please contact us through the contact page for further details about your inquiries. Medical consultation We consult people with medical history to help obtain license for growing medical cannabis. We have doctors that are ready to look into your case and consider alternative options for you to grow medical cannabis. Hydroponics equipment repair We repair various hydroponic equipment ’s. Not all repairs are possible however if possible it may save you some money. Most repairs are walk-in however mail-in repairs are acceptable as well. We do not guarantee on success rate. Facility consultation We work with some of the best medical grower and consultant in the field. We use their experience and expertise to help you built a turnkey setup for your operating needs. Machine rental It may be expensive to buy a machine that is why we do machine rentals. All machine rentals are deposit upfront and returned on the agree date for an agreed rental fee. Machine has to return in a functional condition any damaged to the machine during possession may require compensation for parts and labor. There are other services that we provide that may not be mention at the moment for further service inquiries please contact us from the contact us section.

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Shipping and Returns Holland Industry seeks to provide you the best shopping experience. We do this by providing you fast free shipping on minimum orders one to three years warranty on selected items please inquire before purchase great variety of product selections price match guarantee we price match only on selective local competitors. With all great services we require customers to be aware of of our shipping return policies. Below is the list of conditions. Shipping handling time Your order is received by our system immediately upon completion of checkout. We strive to provide local customers Ontario/Quebec 1-2 days delivery however customers in other provinces will take between 3-5 days for delivery. Occasionally some items will take up to 2 weeks to arrive because it may be on backorder. Damaged liquid upon delivery - Liquid products that are damaged upon shipping should be inspected before unpackaged. Do not open the package if there are leaks. Contact us with pictures and receive instructions on next step. Damaged glass upon delivery Do not attempt to unpackaged or use a damaged glass item if arrived damaged. Please take a picture of the product and contact us with instruction on the next step. Non-working item upon delivery This only applies to electric products. If you receive an electronic product that does not work as advertised upon delivery we will provide a prepaid return label for the product as long as its within the range of 30 days. We will check the item for defects and if we determine that the product is functional customer must pay to ship the item back Wrong delivered item/order If you had received an incorrect item from your order please contact us immediately with your order information and tracking number for a prepaid return shipping label. We will send out the correct order as soon as possible. General return If you require to return an item or order for refund in cases that you may not need the product anymore you have 30 days to decide on this matter. Contact us for the proper

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return address you are required to pay for shipping. Once returned we will refund you the product total including HST. Initial shipping cost is not refundable. Please read through our Shipping Returns guideline and be aware of these conditions. We follow these guidelines to provide the best shopping experience for everyone. If you have any further questions please contact us at infohollandindustry.com Our Main Categories  USED EQUIPMENTS  ACCESSORIES  BALLAST  CO2 SYSTEM  COMPLETE GROW SYSTEM  COMPLETE PACKAGE  ELECTRICAL  EQUIPMENTS  FITTINGS  GARDEN TOOLS  GROW MEDIUMS  GROW TENTS  LIGHTING  MEASURING DEVICE  NUTRIENTS ADDITIVES  ODOR CONTROL  PEST CONTROL  POTS TRAYS  PROPAGATION  PUMP - IRRIGATION  REFLECTIVE FILMS  REFLECTOR  TEMPERATURE CONTROL  VENTILIATION  WATER TREATMENT

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CONTACT US Holland Industry Toronto Holland Industry Mississauga 65 Martin Ross Ave. 12 400 Matheson Blvd. East 36 Toronto Ontario Mississauga Ontario M3J 2L6 L4Z 1P1 TOLL FREE: TOLL FREE: 1-866-513-GROW 4769 Ext 1 1-866-513-GROW 4769 Ext 2 LOCAL: 647 417-0228 LOCAL: 647 484-7440 FAX: 416 645-1009 FAX: 905 502-9573

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