Top Trends 2018 Every iOS App development Company Needs to Follow

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If you are an iOS App Development Company or thinking to hire one for iPhone apps development then following are the top trends of 2018 you need to get onboard/understand.


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10 Trends That Every iOS App Development Company Need to Understand


iOS apps stand at the top of the mobile app totem pole. Apple’s demanding standards ensure that any app on the App Store is of superior quality and functions. Only the highest levels of innovation can be showcased. This makes having an iOS app a marker of credibility for organizations of all sizes. However, making an iOS app without the right resources would be a fool’s venture. iPhone app users expect to be served by the most innovative, emerging technologies that facilitate better service and easier usage. To that end, developers must incorporate a number of trends into the iOS app as far as possible. Why iOS? …


iBeacon Technology: This refers to technology that lets an app mobile apps detect signals from beacons and respond as needed. An app with iBeacon can identify where it is located on a micro-local scale. It is especially helpful for apps which provide users location-specific information. The Internet of Things (IoT): Users these days usually carry multiple internet-powered devices. This includes phones, tablets, watches, TVs and sometimes even cars. Therefore, it makes sense to build apps that are optimized for multiple devices. Trends That Every iOS App Development Company Needs to Understand …


Touch ID: Newer iPhones have the option of creating finger IDs. This can be incorporated in iOS apps for better security, especially in apps that involve financial transactions such as banking and retail apps. Cloud Technology: Cloud technology can synchronize an app with multiple platforms. It also helps to provide more storage for users. However, it must be deployed with a carefully considered and airtight security mechanism to safeguard privacy. iOS Business Apps: iOS business apps like Google Docs, MS Office, Genius Scan and others have greatly helped employees to systematize their workflows with convenience. Making iOS apps for business thus merit some investment. …


Latest iOS App Development Tools: Developers must use latest development tools to create iOS apps that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Users prefer apps that demonstrate the use of the latest technologies whether related to ideation, construction or testing. UI/UX Design: User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are central to an app’s success. Smart user-centric layouts, design, graphics and high-quality must be given particular attention to making an app stand out from competitors. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality (AR) has proved its relevance in a number of industries such as gaming, education, retail, maintenance, and manufacturing. If possible, AR should be made part of an iOS app’s user interface. …


Gaming Apps: Games like Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja have become pop culture fixtures. Making a good gaming app for iPhone is always a good bet. Using Swift 3.0: This open-source programming language can be adapted to perform many complicated iOS application development requirements. Developers prefer its coding methodology and frameworks over Objective-C language, especially Swift 3.0 in XCode 8. …


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